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Cacti Cool

When the sun comes out, like it did today, I immediately want to cover my flat in flowers and plants to brighten the place up and get that summery feeling inside (I live in a Victorian terrace so the actual sun doesn't make much of an appearance, ever.). But I am lazy. And not very nurturing. So the flowers often die and I don't usually end up throwing them away until they start to become furry at the bottom and there is a weird smell wafting from the vase.

SO my new favourite thing is the wonderful cactus. Or cacti if you want to discuss more than one. Which of course we do because cacti are amazing! The weird shapes, the amazing colours of green and most importantly, the fact that they basically don't die which means they last more than five minutes in my house. Here are some I bought this weekend and put on my once dreary mantelpiece. These are from Ikea along with the white vases but there are loads of snazzy cute versions all over the place. Check out some inspiration below!

The beginning of a wonderful relationship between me and spiky cacti

These incredible ceramics are by Atelier Stella London. Looks like they are sold out but you can click here to be notified when they are available again

I spotted this on Sensational Suculents Pintrest page - just love the different shades of green against the ceramic pots

What do you think? Are you going to give cacti a try or are you more for a full bloom?? 


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