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Glamping at Glastonbury

 Its that time of year again as thousands of people descent on Worthy Farm for the greatest festival in the country, maybe even the world. Tragically I couldn't get a ticket this year - something which makes all of the Glastonbury coverage extremely difficult to watch -  so instead I thought I would share some pictures of the more glamorous side of the festival so we can all start saving up for next year and remember that camping is actually pretty miserable unless you put a bit of 'glam' into it...

Camp Kerala
Camp Kerala is just available at Glastonbury and offers incredibly beautiful accommodation at the festival

An example of one of the tents available at Camp Kerala complete with shag-pile rug and guest dressing gowns 

Sshh Yurts are available at loads of festivals around the world and they offer incredible spaces to stay. No prices on the website but I think we can safely assume it ain't cheap

A photograph of one of their pop-up cocktail bars which feature on site to cater for the neighboring yurts

The Sshh yurts offer a very opulent decor. Not sure its exactly to my tatse but it probably still beats a soggy pop-up 2 man from Tesco

The Pop-Up Hotel

The Pop-up Hotel is one of the most fancy options at Glastonbury with luxury 'hotel' rooms to hire including fully functioning bathrooms, sofas and boutique interiors. I love the light and bright decor

Even the more modest options are gorgeous. These are also available for private hire if you are planning a wedding or special party

What do you think? Would you be tempted to splurge on a luxury tent at Glasto or do you think it goes against everything that's great about a muddy British festival? Either way who is coming to Glastonbury with me next year??


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