1 Blomma London: Urban Flowers Co. - Crouch End

Urban Flowers Co. - Crouch End

As you may or may not know I love flowers, plants, cacti and all things green - Blomma of course means flowers in Swedish in case you hadn't clocked. Therefore one of the things I am most looking forward to when planning my wedding is picking out the bouquets and table decorations. To get some inspiration I recently visited Urban Flowers in Crouch End for a snoop around.

I would say the feel of the the shop is more rustic than urban, not that that is a bad thing by any means. The galvanised steel plant pots, old wooden crates and old furniture create a lovely country feel whilst still feeling quite modern. Reflecting the summer blooms, the shop was full of pinks and purples (the benches of lavender outside smell amazing) as well as the rich greens of eucalyptus and cacti.

What do you like here? Does a rustic, country style garden work in the city? Is it exactly what we need?


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