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Wallpaper Wonders

Hi all! Sorry for the rather large gap between posts this week - I have had the lucky fortune in being in Paris for the past few days for one of our clients. All work and no play sadly - you can take a look at what we got up to on my Instagram. BUT I have next week off work for a little staycation and it has got me thinking about what I can do around the flat...

It needs to be cheap but impactful so I got thinking about wallpaper. I'm not really a fan of the 'statement wall' so I'm going to need to be a bit more creative. After a little browse on Pintrest here are some ideas which have got me thinking...
If you are lucky enough to have old doors which feature panels, adding wallpaper to them is a really nice way to add interest to a room. It would be easy to update too if you get bored of the pattern
Probably only good if you have high ceilings but I had never considered wallpapering them before

Ever the fan of making crappy furniture look better. This could be a nifty way to do that. I actually have an Ikea chest of drawers which my cat has destroyed so this could be an idea...

If only I had space for a study/work area sigh... but if I did I like the idea of using wallpaper scraps to create pin-boards. Online wallpaper sites will send you samples for free - easy and cheap!

Maybe not one for this weekend but did you know you can personalise wallpaper with your own pictures? Could be a great gift. I'm thinking a great option for a downstairs toilet...

Love this! And if I had stairs it would definitely be something I would look into. Hallways can be stuffy so I always think they should be light and airy but details such as this add interest

What do you think? Have you tried anything interesting with wallpaper recently?


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