1 Blomma London: Weekend reshuffle - a sneak into my flat

Weekend reshuffle - a sneak into my flat

This weekend I felt kind of home-y so I had a bit of a springclean - put some things on ebay, cleaned with the power of steam (my new favourite toy) and had a rearrange of the flat. I am constantly moving cushions, nick-nacks (spelling?!) etc around to freshen things up and I thought I would share the fruits of my labour with you this morning by showing you a few snaps of my flat...

  • Skull from a carboot sale (you see these things everywhere and there are loads on ebay)
  • Eucalyptus from Columbia Road Market - I wet dried them so they last forever and still keep their colour. To find out how to do this, have a read here
  • Wall colour is Pavilion Grey from Farrow and Ball
  • Vase from Habitat

One of my favorite things in the flat - a chair given to me by my mum which I reupholstered myself. The period of the chair isn't necessarily my style but its so old and intricately made that I had to keep it. The fabric is from Ikea and the ribbon around the edge is from John Lewis. It was easier than it looks to do so if you have something at home which needs a refresh just give it a go.

My mantle-place is the thing which gets moved around most in my flat. Probably because I sit on the sofa looking at it so much that I need to constantly change it - I am a fickle person, it's true.

  • Flowers were from a local florist in Crouch End and the cacti and pots were from Ikea
  • Photoframe was also from Ikea and the images I printed were done through Photobox - great value printing and so easy to use  
  • The mirror is an antique from a junk shop in Ampthill passed down from my mum
  • The canvases were done by me (pretty awful aren't they!?) but they complimented the flowers so I went with it. Painting canvases yourself is so much cheaper than buying prints so definitely have a go

  • The bureau is an heirloom of Peter's - I love the brass handles and the worn wood. Again not really my style but its so beautiful and has so many memories for Peter that it has to have pride of place
  • The velvet cushion is from Habitat and I made the other using fabric from the V&A shop
  • Throws are both from TK Maxx and the vase and eucalyptus is as above 
What do you think? x