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Bookshelf renovation project

Just around the corner from my flat is the most amazing junk shop - not one of those pretentious second hand furniture shops which charge insane amounts for furniture in dreadful condition, but a proper junk shop where you have to rummage to find the best gems.

A little while ago I came across a bookshelf which was salvaged from a church in France where it used to store the hymn books. It was in pretty bad shape - it needed a really good clean and the varnish was patchy to say the least but it was structurally sound and I loved its history. It was also only £30.

Anyway, the dark wood isn't really to my taste and as I planned to put it in my dark, pokey hallway I decided to lighten it up with a lick of paint. Here is how I got on...

I used Farrow & Ball Ammonite eggshell paint for the project. Before you paint anything ensure you give the item a good clean and sand down any vanished areas

The bookshelf took four coats of paint in the end. Be patient and wait for each layer to dry before the next - it will make things easier and quicker in the long run
I love the colour - it starts quite white but turns a light grey as it dries 

Here it is in-situ with my favourite cacti. Shame I have to fill it with books...

To try to avoid the bookshelf look too cluttered and chaotic I arranged the books and DVDs in colour order. What do you think?

 Really impressed with the paint from Farrow & Ball - such a pleasure to work with and the colour is perfect against my Pavilion Grey walls (also Farrow & Ball).

Have you embarked on an upcycling project recently? Let me know if you have any tips x


  1. It's amazing what a lick of paint can do! Plus it's so lovely to own something with a bit of history isn't it?


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