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Making the most of a bijou bedroom

This week a colleague of mine drew straws with her house-mates to divvy up the bedrooms in their new flat in Finsbury Park. Sadly for her she came out of the draw rather badly and has ended up with a shoebox for a bedroom. I can empathise with this fate as my own bedroom is pretty poor in proportions too. But a small room can be cosy, and at the end of the day you only sleep there so how much space do you really need? But I understand her pain so here are some tips for making this most of a small space...

My bijou bedroom (today's rain clouds are making it look a bit moody today)
1. Lighter colours will always make a room look bigger but work with what you have. As I have high ceilings and a big window in my bedroom I went for a very dark colour on the walls and light bedding instead. I like how cosy the room has become but I have worked quite hard to fit in the storage I need to ensure it doesn't feel oppressive

2. Pick furniture with legs rather than a solid base. The more floor you can see the bigger the room with feel. Most importantly, this applies to the bed. If you have a small bedroom you will probably be temped to buy a divan with drawers for storage but these look old fashioned and they drain the feeling of space. I am a big fan of Warren Evans for affordable, brilliant quality bedframes...

All beds from Warren Evans

3. Even though you have given up inbuilt draws, under the bed is still a great place to store things. Try vintage wicker hampers and suitcases to store handbags, accessories and anything else you need to stash

1. Metal storage cases, Not on the High Street 2. Wicker under-bed storage basket, Laura Ashley 3. Metal Trunk, Not on the High Street

4. If you have as many clothes as me you will definitely need a good chest of drawers. Pick a style which takes up as little floor space as possible but is tall so you have plenty of storage space.

1. Hemnes chest of drawers, Ikea 2. Tall Boy chest, Loaf

5. Find hanging space wherever you can. Using decorative hooks and door racks you will be able to turn handbags, coats and jewellery into part of the decor

Clockwise from top left...

So there you have it. Do you have any other tips to share? Would love to hear them...


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