1 Blomma London: Skip Diving for Treasure

Skip Diving for Treasure

This weekend I came across a skip as part of a trip home to Bedford. I always hear about people finding great items whilst rummaging in skips but my experience has found that to be pretty rare and I never actually find anything worth taking home. But this weekend I struck gold and have had my belief in treasure hunting restored. Remember to ask the home-owner first but I can't urge you enough to give it a go next time you pass one.

Here is what I found...

A range of great crockery was left in the skip. Although in a pretty grubby state, a good scrub is all they need to get them up to scratch. The wooden box is amazing - iIm thinking it could be a great big jewellery box. Any other ideas?

This 1950's magazine rack was just going to be thrown away. The yellow wooden feet good do with a re-spray but otherwise it looks great next to my vintage dining chair 

A real treasure were these 1950's placemats. The colours are so vibrant and they are in perfect condition. AND...

They came in this gorgeous box. Its a little scruffy round the edges but the receipt is still inside

A gorgeous 1950's stool. It needed a good clean (too many dead spiders hanging off this for my taste) but it looks fab

An enamel jug and an old outdoor lamp now make a lovely display in my kitchen 

Last but not least this stool is perfect in the kitchen to help me reach those top shelves. Since taking this picture I have given it a good scrub and painted it in Farrow & Ball's Ammonite eggshell wood paint and now its transformed.
Any favourite finds? Do you feel inspired to go rummaging next time you pass a skip?


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