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Study Space

My other half increasingly finds himself working from home at the moment and, as we continually read in the press, this is becoming increasingly commonplace. The trouble is how motivated can you really be working from a laptop in bed or on the sofa with the TV taunting you in the background? Such is the reason that 'working from home' can often be interpreted by others as 'not doing a great deal'. But he does work hard from home, but finding a place to do it is tricky. Therefore we are currently investigating ways to incorporate a work space into our flat so there is a dedicated place available to him... here is some inspiration in case you are looking to knuckle down at home too...

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Having a comfy chair for me is key. A sheepskin rug thrown over a vintage dining chair is the perfect addition to a workspace, creating just the right amount of homeliness

I love the idea of having space for two chairs to sit at the desk. That way you are never competing for space if two of you are home. A thin, long table is the perfect solution

If your workspace is going in a space with another use (e.g. a kitchen or lounge/dining room) then use photographs and prints to mark out the area so the desk feels like it belongs

Storage is key when building am at-home work area otherwise it will be more of an eye sore than a lovely addition to your home. Shelving and filing boxes are essential

A small desk like this can easily squeeze into the smallest corner of your home. Perfect if you are tight on space

If you can, positioning the desk by a window will ensure you have enough light and will ensure you don't feel claustrophobic working from home. If you can't get a window make sure you have good lighting like this great stainless steel version 
Some top picks from me here...

Clockwise from top left...

  1. Lamp, John Lewis
  2. Storage box, Ikea
  3. Extra long desk and shelving unit, Ikea 
  4. Industrial storage trays, Etsy UK
  5. Sheepskin rug (to throw over your chair!), The White Company
  6. Oak chair (comes in a pair), Made.com
What do you think? Hx

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  1. I was not so much keen on working from home, but when that happened to me, I realised how hard that can be. Having a dedicated part in the house is essential, in order to be able to work peacefully. Love your ideas!