1 Blomma London: Harley joins the Loaf family

Harley joins the Loaf family

I love a pouffe. A could look at pouffes all day long. Seriously. They are firm, yet soft. You can sit on them, put things on them, or just rest your weary feet upon them. They also often come in lovely colours and patterns. So when Loaf.com told me about their new Harley range it was love at first sight....

Available in two sizes (how CONVENIENT) - A small squarish one (£175), and a larger oblong-y one (£225) and will be available at the end of October so start saving/making space.

I love the pattern and subtle grey and cream colourings which mean they could sit comfortably in most interior schemes. I think I might have to add them to my wish list.

Some other pouffes I have been coveting are here...

  1. Large pouffe with bird print, £138 - Etsy
  2. Habitat floor cushion, £95 - Habitat
  3. Knitted pouffe, £44.99 - Argos
  4. Miko pouffe, £160 - John Lewis
  5. Sheepskin pouffe, £200 - Ikea

What do you think? Any favourites?



  1. I like the large pouffe with bird print. Look so cute. I have just a perfect place for that in my room:$
    Have a lovely day.



    1. Its gorgeous isn't it - such a find! Im big fan of your blog actually - do connect, follow etc xx