1 Blomma London: Sunday Indulgence: Roasted Figs in Cinnamon and Rum

Sunday Indulgence: Roasted Figs in Cinnamon and Rum

In a bid to eat less crap, whilst still satisfying my sweet tooth, I have become totally in love with figs. Now is a great time of year to enjoy them and the purple-y skin is full of anti-oxidents.

Admittedly, this recipe isn't exactly a total health-fest but switch the vanilla ice-cream for a natural Greek yoghurt and ditch the rum, it really is a delicious pudding or even a great breakfast idea.

As its the weekend though, I went for the boozy option... here's how I made it...

  • Set the oven to 180C
  • Take your figs and make two slices going from the top (where the stalk is) to about half way down
  • Sit them in an oven proof dish side by side
  • Drop a small knob of butter inside each fig and then squidge on some honey all over the figs (don't be precious, just as much as you like depending on how sweet you want them)
  • Now add a sprinkle of cinnamon and about one shot's worth of dark rum all over the figs (more if you like - it will make a lovely liquor to pour over the ice-cream once baked)
  • Pop in the pre-heated oven for about 15 minutes
  • Once baked, serve up with some vanilla ice-cream. Tom Aikens once told me (when I was working with him for a client) that he is obsessed with the Carte D'Or version because it has the highest vanilla content available at the supermarket, so I always go for that now
  • Enjoy!

Once they come out of the oven they will be sticky, caramel-ly and absolutely moreish!

So there you have it - a delicious, incredibly easy pudding, great for a dinner party or just a mid-afternoon Sunday snack.

Let me know how you get on at home if you try it!


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