Etsy launches first art exhibition

Morning all! To help get us through this dreary Monday let's skip forward to the weekend and take a look at Etsy's first ever art exhibition which takes place in London from Friday to kick off London's Art Month...

As you know I am a massive fan of sites like Etsy, where up and coming talent can find a cost effective way to sell their designs online and turn their passion into a business. This event takes some of the most influential designers from Etsy  to an actual gallery and will feature outstanding contemporary work by 15 UK artists, specially selected to showcase the diverse range of artistic styles available.
Ceramic Red Head vase by Laura Bird

As well as showcasing the talented artists selling on, the exhibition aims to celebrate the accessibility of original art to be found on the website. Visitors will be able to buy a ticket to the ‘art tombola’ for £10, which will get them a lucky dip limited edition art print from one of the exhibitors at the show - something I will definitely be entering. I could do with a new pic above the fireplace and some of the work I have seen so far is highly covetable.

Rare Bird IV by Lucy Pass
The exhibition opens next week at 5th Base Gallery on Heneage Street, London from October 17th – 19th, 2014  and the opening times are:

  • Friday 10am – 8pm
  • Saturday 11am – 6pm
  • Sunday 11am – 3pm
Path to the Beach by Kristy Cumming
The participating artists are; Kristi Cumming, Lucy Pass, Timothy Gent, Ben Lewis Giles, Laura Bird, Vanessa Donnelly, Maya Mladenovic, William White, Lou Taylor, Kitty Cooper, James Brown, Midori Takaki, Becci Maryanne, Alice Duck and Kethi Copeland. Have a look on Etsy to check out their work - there are some truly gorgeous pieces!

Would love to know if anyone is planning to head down!


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