How to dress your sofa

The sofa is probably the most important piece of furniture in your living room: it needs to be hard wearing, practical and comfortable, But most of all it really dictates the tone of the room. Whether that's mid century cool, modern minimalism or traditional country, it really says a lot about you. So to make sure you are getting the most out of your sofa, here are my top 5 tips on how to style it.

1. Add your own style. When you buy a sofa, they often come with matching cushions (often sold at a fairly high price). Don't be tricked into buying these - cushions are key to dressing your new sofa and to help settle it into the scheme of the room its going to live in. The matchy matchy cushions from the showroom will not help you to do this

Not a matchy matchy cushion in sight

2. Be bold. Mix pattern, size and texture to add interest and personality to your sofa which will help make it a real focal point in the room. To keep it feeling pulled together, ensure there is a unifying colour or sized pattern which runs through all of the accessories, but otherwise knock yourself out!

Such an eclectic mix of patterns but the greys, blacks and creams make it work

3. Add a throw. A throw casually thrown over the arm of the sofa is an easy way to add colour or texture and is super useful to pull over you when the nights get chilly. To take it to the next level though, my absolute favourite is a sheepskin rug - so Scandinavian and luxurious.

Just makes you want to snuggle down with a good book and lets just take a moment for those amazing tie dye cushions!

4. Less is more. It used to be a running joke that your couldn't sit on my mum's sofas because there were too many cushions. It used to be quite fashionable to have a million cushions but now the trend is much more pared back, focusing on really well chosen, key pieces rather than quantity. I would say four cushions on a good sized sofa is plenty.

So simple but the velvet cushions add luxury and warmth

5. Symmetry is boring. You all know the look - two square cushions on the ends, two just in and then a smaller 'novelty' cushion bang in the middle of the sofa. Why!? A mix of shapes, not styled in a way which means they have an exact equal on their opposite side of the sofa is much fresher and modern

Play around with the positioning of your cushions - there really are no rules

What do you think? Has this inspired you to have a re-jig of your sofa styling this weekend?



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