Succulent Inspiration

As you know I am a big fan of succulents and cacti and I have seen some really inspiring images on Pinterest and Instagram which have just absolutely cemented my love of them as the perfect way to add greenery to your home.

These are the reasons I love them, and why you should fill your home with them too...

  1. They never die! They honestly take no looking after because they need so little water. I was worried about mine not being near a window, thinking they would need lots of light but they have been fine just about anywhere
  2. The have such a curious colour. In some parts so green, in others silvery peppermint in colour which makes them fascinating to look at in different lights 
  3. The are cheap. Unlike flowers, succulents are so cheap and you can easily find them in any garden centre. Much better value than flowers, because they last so much longer
  4. The structure of them feels really fresh and modern (not sure how a plant can be modern but it is!) so it suits all kinds of interiors
  5. Finally, they grow to the size of the container they are in which means you can get creative with ceramics
Have a look at some inspiration here or check out my board on Pinterest

The variety in shape and size succulents and cacti come in is so inspiring. How great are these pots too?

This has great height so is perfect on a bedside table or side table. That pot would be so easy to do yourself too - just get a plain pot and dot on the spots with paint
This is probably the most common succulent around but can't you just see why? Such great shape

Love the purple leaves on this plant and am obsessed with these vases

A great way to add some colour to a mostly white scheme

What do you think?


  1. Ummm.....I think they are unusual! They can look great but I do prefer a flower!

    1. You can't beat flowers but these do last longer so I suggest we have both! :-) xx

  2. They remind of my Nan's house when I was little. I love them, and what a great idea for adding a little greenery to your home. I'm a fan! #loveyourhome

    1. Ah thanks so much Jen! I find them fascinating x