Wooly Wonders

As some of you may know, its Wool Week this week - a chance to celebrate this amazing, versatile material. There is nothing better than quality fabric and I would always recommend paying more when it means getting products which are 100% wool. It's breathable, natural and creates just the most visually beautiful textures and it is hard wearing so will last for years.

Below are some 100% wool home accessories which I am coveting this Autumn - hope you like them!

  1. Chunky knit mini stool, £125 - Cox & Cox
  2. St David's Cross cushion, £55 - The Wool Company
  3. As above
  4. Chunky knit wool throw, £214 - Etsy
  5. Mega knit throw, £207 - Hay at Selfridges
  6. Wolsley sofa made from 100% wool tweed, £999 - Made.com

Any favourites? Hx

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