1 Blomma London: Espresso Martinis - the perfect Christmas tipple

Espresso Martinis - the perfect Christmas tipple

I recently visited Tramshed in East London and had the most incredible Espresso Martini ever. The following week I bought a cocktail shaker and some martini glasses and have pretty much been drinking them most days since (small measures of course!).

It is the perfect drink to serve this Christmas as it perks you up after a heavy meal whilst also having a really luxurious and satisfying creaminess which is the perfect replacement or accompaniment to dessert. Scroll down to see the perfect recipe to create one at home, along with some cocktail paraphernalia perfect for you, or as a gift for some one else this year...

Recipe (for one glass):

25ml Kahlua or Caffe Lolita liqueur (I used Kahlua as I have heard it tastes the best)
25ml Espresso
50ml Vodka

Just add all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with a load of ice and shake vigorously (you get the lovely foam on top the more you shake). Serve through a strainer and add 3 coffee beans to the top to make it truly authentic.


  1. Kahlua, £17 - Waitrose
  2. Absolut Vodka, £25 - Tesco
  3. Lavazza, £3 - Ocado
  4. Betty Jackson Black martini glass, £11 - Debenhams
  5. Bialetti espresso maker, £28 - Selfridges
  6. Cocktail making kit, £30 - John Lewis
Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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