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Indulge in your dark side

Have any of you been watching BBC's The Great Interior Design Show? I have to say I am pretty obsessed and am extremely pleased to see it on the TV 3 nights a week.

I find it so interesting to see how other people work when it comes to interiors and also to see the crafty ways you can achieve a luxury look on a budget (I think they have £700). It is also clear to see what trends designers are being influenced by and what is currently en vogue. One trend which has come through time and time again is the dark wall. It has almost replaced the feature wallpaper wall, but I have to say I love dark paint on in homes and here is why...

A dark navy/charcoal wall can add warmth and order to a neutral scheme. Just be sure to add texture to make the scheme inviting and cosy

Dark walls and doors make stripped wood look amazing and acts as a neutral which allows you to experiment with colour in the same way you would with white 

The dark wall makes this look feel really pulled together and helps the chipboard headboard look amazing. Yellow is a particularly great colour to use as an accent when working with dark greys and blues

I a busy space with lots of artwork will seem more ordered on a dark background. The contrast is too much on white and the eye just feels pulled in too many directions

It can be used in any room to make the best features pop. Without the dark wall, the beautiful white washed floor and gorgeous crockery would be lost

So there you have it - my top 5 reasons you need to have some darkness in your home!

What do you think? Love or loath?



  1. Oh I'd noticed this too, and I love the dark wall. I have a black wallpaper in my bedroom and love it! #loveyourhome

    1. I have dark walls in my bedroom too - its the perfect room for it I think because its so cosy on an evening when you are mostly in there! x

  2. I absolutely LOVE dark walls. We've gone for a very deep blue feature wall in our kitchen - a similar colour to the picture in your post! And it's paired next to a grey kitchen and chalk white walls. Really brings the room to life.
    I'm trying to persuade the husband to let me have a charcoal wall in our bedroom when we come to redecorating. I may have to show him some of these pics ;)
    Karen x


    1. Thanks Karen - and good luck convincing your hubby! Hopefully this will help change his mind :-) xx