1 Blomma London: Brita's Festive Foray

Brita's Festive Foray

Like many people, I live in a hard water area (you wouldn't believe how many kettles we have been through!) so filtering our water is something which makes total sense to us. However, the water filters always look a little dull and I have never been tempted enough to actually buy one.

So, when the lovely people at Brita told me about a new red version which they have brought out for Christmas I jumped at the chance to review it...

The first thing that stands out is the colour. It really is a lovely fresh, vibrant red without being too primary so it really suits the berry reds I like at Christmas, The shape is perfect too - manages to fit in a great deal of water and sits perfectly in the fridge door.

It is also really easy to set up and use. I am not sure how long the filters will last before they need replacing but its certainly something I will be investing in - the water does just taste better filtered.

The filter usually retails at £21 but I spotted it on offer on Ocado, down to £10.49 which is a great bargain.

Certainly something which won't look out of place on my Christmas table, but also something which would work all year round.

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  1. It’s always good to see how people decorate their homes for these kinds of festivals. I hope to see more from your blog, great job.