1 Blomma London: Columbia Road - Getting Festive

Columbia Road - Getting Festive

Happy 1st December everyone! This morning I wanted to share some pictures from a festive trip to Columbia Road flower market in East London I made yesterday - there is no where better to get you in the mood for decorating your home this Christmas and if you can get there I would strongly recommend a trip to stock up on berries, mistletoe and my favourite eucalyptus...

 Some of my favourite plants at the market include raw cotton (so festive!), mistletoe, sprayed red branches and the purple cauliflower-looking plants (does anyone know their name?!)

Love this pic! Lots of trees on sale and I have to say they are great value for money and all looked gorgeous, Mr Christmas pictured told us they had been cut on Saturday - can't get fresher than that!

As ever we got a bit carried away... thankfully Peter was on hand to help me carry things home

The flat is now literally full of flowers and the smell is amazing! I now can't wait to get our Christmas tree this weekend.

Let me know what you think? Are you planning a trip to a flower market to prepare for Christmas - what will you be getting?

H x

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