1 Blomma London: Decorating your home this Christmas - some festive inspiration!

Decorating your home this Christmas - some festive inspiration!

If like me you are planning to put up your Christmas tree this weekend, then you will be mulling over new things to add to your home to make it just right. After a few hours pawing through Pinterest I have pulled together some beautiful rooms which I thought I would share with you this dreary afternoon...

I just love this green scheme - feels so fresh and yet still so appropriate for Christmas

Christmas trees always get pushed to a corner but if you have the room, why not have it in the middle of the room? I love having the tree on a sheepskin rug too!

Simple pine cones and a traditional tree - hashtag love!

I love how simple this is but I think I would miss my baubles maybe. Love having the tree in a basket though - much nicer than those metal stands

If you have a small tree, using baskets to put your presents under works so beautifully!

What do you think? Any ideas jumping out to you?

I will be decorating my tree this weekend so do follow me on Instagram to see how I get on!

H x

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