Look of the Week

This week I spotted a couple of lovely bedroom interiors and I couldn't decide which to choose for this week's Look of the Week. However, with a little help from my Instagram pals, I settled on this gorgeous room...

I love the industrial touches, including the wire storage rack for shoes at the end of the bed, along with the metal headboard and iron legs on the bedside table. The room is softened with the colourful cushions and the gorgeous rug. I am a big advocate of simple bedding - it just keeps the room feeling really fresh.

Which aspects do you love?

Here are some of my picks from the highstreet on recreating this at home.

  1. Zetter table lamp, £175 - Rockett St George
  2. Little Tree Furniture, £285 - Available on Not on the Highstreet
  3. Tri-weave rug, £18 (bargain!!) - Urban Outfitters
  4. Orla Kiely cushion, £37 - Amara
  5. Chalkboard planters, £4.95 - West Elm
  6. Lazy Linen bundles, from £15 - Loaf
You like?

In case you were interested this was the other contender this week - which is your favourite?

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You can also find lots of other bedroom inspiration on my Bedroom Love Pinterest board which is here.


Succulent Inspiration

As you know I am a big fan of succulents and cacti and I have seen some really inspiring images on Pinterest and Instagram which have just absolutely cemented my love of them as the perfect way to add greenery to your home.

These are the reasons I love them, and why you should fill your home with them too...

  1. They never die! They honestly take no looking after because they need so little water. I was worried about mine not being near a window, thinking they would need lots of light but they have been fine just about anywhere
  2. The have such a curious colour. In some parts so green, in others silvery peppermint in colour which makes them fascinating to look at in different lights 
  3. The are cheap. Unlike flowers, succulents are so cheap and you can easily find them in any garden centre. Much better value than flowers, because they last so much longer
  4. The structure of them feels really fresh and modern (not sure how a plant can be modern but it is!) so it suits all kinds of interiors
  5. Finally, they grow to the size of the container they are in which means you can get creative with ceramics
Have a look at some inspiration here or check out my board on Pinterest

The variety in shape and size succulents and cacti come in is so inspiring. How great are these pots too?

This has great height so is perfect on a bedside table or side table. That pot would be so easy to do yourself too - just get a plain pot and dot on the spots with paint
This is probably the most common succulent around but can't you just see why? Such great shape

Love the purple leaves on this plant and am obsessed with these vases

A great way to add some colour to a mostly white scheme

What do you think?

How to dress your sofa

The sofa is probably the most important piece of furniture in your living room: it needs to be hard wearing, practical and comfortable, But most of all it really dictates the tone of the room. Whether that's mid century cool, modern minimalism or traditional country, it really says a lot about you. So to make sure you are getting the most out of your sofa, here are my top 5 tips on how to style it.

1. Add your own style. When you buy a sofa, they often come with matching cushions (often sold at a fairly high price). Don't be tricked into buying these - cushions are key to dressing your new sofa and to help settle it into the scheme of the room its going to live in. The matchy matchy cushions from the showroom will not help you to do this

Not a matchy matchy cushion in sight

2. Be bold. Mix pattern, size and texture to add interest and personality to your sofa which will help make it a real focal point in the room. To keep it feeling pulled together, ensure there is a unifying colour or sized pattern which runs through all of the accessories, but otherwise knock yourself out!

Such an eclectic mix of patterns but the greys, blacks and creams make it work

3. Add a throw. A throw casually thrown over the arm of the sofa is an easy way to add colour or texture and is super useful to pull over you when the nights get chilly. To take it to the next level though, my absolute favourite is a sheepskin rug - so Scandinavian and luxurious.

Just makes you want to snuggle down with a good book and lets just take a moment for those amazing tie dye cushions!

4. Less is more. It used to be a running joke that your couldn't sit on my mum's sofas because there were too many cushions. It used to be quite fashionable to have a million cushions but now the trend is much more pared back, focusing on really well chosen, key pieces rather than quantity. I would say four cushions on a good sized sofa is plenty.

So simple but the velvet cushions add luxury and warmth

5. Symmetry is boring. You all know the look - two square cushions on the ends, two just in and then a smaller 'novelty' cushion bang in the middle of the sofa. Why!? A mix of shapes, not styled in a way which means they have an exact equal on their opposite side of the sofa is much fresher and modern

Play around with the positioning of your cushions - there really are no rules

What do you think? Has this inspired you to have a re-jig of your sofa styling this weekend?


Look of the Week

This room caught me eye during my daily Pinterest scroll so I thought it would make a perfect Look of the Week... it might be because of the dark and stormy weather we have been having but the brave use of colour here is so inspiring.

I love the dark velvet sofa against the even darker walls. The ecclectic collection of prints and decorative objects add interest and also adds some lightness to the scheme. Note that they are all mounted on white backgrounds and light wooden frames. The modern coffee table and textured rug gives it some edge and warmth. I am completely in love.

Also, what do you think of the ombre effect in the paint? I think this is so interesting and something I have never considered - not sure how to recreate that so I will investigate and report back!

Here are some top picks from me on recreating this dynamic room...

  1. Paint - a selection from Dulux
  2. Cushion, £9.95 - West Elm
  3. David Austen Tree print, £300 - Habitat
  4. Wood candle holders, Not on the Highstreet
  5. White side table, £49 - John Lewis
  6. Blue velvet sofa, £699 - Made.com
Love or loath?


Kitchen Storage: Open Shelving

For most people, kitchen storage can be a real problem. I wouldn't say I have a particularly small kitchen and I definitely wouldn't say that I have unhealthy amounts of cooking paraphernalia but, for some reason I am bursting at the seams.

One solution that is becoming increasingly popular in homes is open shelving. People are shunning the usual wall cabinets for shelves as they create the feeling of space and also offer flexible storage options. I have picked out some of my favourite looks below to hopefully inspire you if you are looking for new ways to streamline and order your kitchen space.

This shelving unit was made using reclaimed wood and industrial piping - cheap and so effective! Just need to figure out how the hell they did it because I want this in my home...

Open shelving in this kitchen creates a place to display vintage crockery and trays

Raw wood adds texture and warmth to a white kitchen. Love that crockery too!

Storage jars, neatly labelled, not only look great on open shelves but they also make things easier to fond when you are cooking up a storm in the kitchen

Here are some home buys I have found on the highstreet to help recreate this look and get organised!

  1. Industrial storage unit, £459 - Not on the Highstreet
  2. Denby storage jar, £16.20 - Debenhams
  3. Decorative Wedgewood tray, £60 - John Lewis
  4. Chalkboard jar labels, £3.50 - Lakeland
  5. Storage jar, £25 - The Conran Shop
  6. Gorgeous dinnerware by Marimekko, from £20 - Heal's

If you are looking for great shelves, Ikea have the best I have seen on the market and by far the cheapest.

Do you have open shelving in your kitchen? Any favourites here?

H x

Etsy launches first art exhibition

Morning all! To help get us through this dreary Monday let's skip forward to the weekend and take a look at Etsy's first ever art exhibition which takes place in London from Friday to kick off London's Art Month...

As you know I am a massive fan of sites like Etsy, where up and coming talent can find a cost effective way to sell their designs online and turn their passion into a business. This event takes some of the most influential designers from Etsy  to an actual gallery and will feature outstanding contemporary work by 15 UK artists, specially selected to showcase the diverse range of artistic styles available.
Ceramic Red Head vase by Laura Bird

As well as showcasing the talented artists selling on Etsy.com, the exhibition aims to celebrate the accessibility of original art to be found on the website. Visitors will be able to buy a ticket to the ‘art tombola’ for £10, which will get them a lucky dip limited edition art print from one of the exhibitors at the show - something I will definitely be entering. I could do with a new pic above the fireplace and some of the work I have seen so far is highly covetable.

Rare Bird IV by Lucy Pass
The exhibition opens next week at 5th Base Gallery on Heneage Street, London from October 17th – 19th, 2014  and the opening times are:

  • Friday 10am – 8pm
  • Saturday 11am – 6pm
  • Sunday 11am – 3pm
Path to the Beach by Kristy Cumming
The participating artists are; Kristi Cumming, Lucy Pass, Timothy Gent, Ben Lewis Giles, Laura Bird, Vanessa Donnelly, Maya Mladenovic, William White, Lou Taylor, Kitty Cooper, James Brown, Midori Takaki, Becci Maryanne, Alice Duck and Kethi Copeland. Have a look on Etsy to check out their work - there are some truly gorgeous pieces!

Would love to know if anyone is planning to head down!


Look of the Week

Happy Friday everyone! Any lovely weekend plans? I'm planning a trip to Columbia Road... have a desire to fill my flat with eucalyptus and maybe some thistles... that is just how I like to roll. I was also inspired by the room chosen for today's Look of the Week...

This is a room which isn't really my style at all. It's quite fussy and vintage in its styling but there is something about it which I absolutely love. I think it must be the luxurious grey sheepskin rugs casually layered on the sofa and the mid-century style furniture. Both aspects just somehow transform the vintage accessories into something I could really get into and replicate at home.

Wood effect wallpaper is a bit of a contentious issue for most, but it's the panelling in this room which also gives it that tactile gorgeousness which takes the interior somewhere special. What do you think?  Any aspects you might steel?

If you love it like me, here are my high-street finds to help replicate it in your home...

  1. Canvas cushion, £26.90 - Nordic Bliss
  2. Embroidered woodland cushion, £25 - Debenhams
  3. Patchwork stag cushion, £36 - Abigail Ahern at Debenhams
  4. Grey sheepskin rug, £165- Cox & Cox
  5. Scrapwood wallpaper, £199 - Rockett St George
  6. Vintage style photoframe, £16 - Biba at House of Fraser
  7. As above
  8. Ercol Chiltern bench, £450 - John Lewis
And of course you have to finish it with a bunch of wild flowers for added drama!

What do you think? Love or loath this style?


Wooly Wonders

As some of you may know, its Wool Week this week - a chance to celebrate this amazing, versatile material. There is nothing better than quality fabric and I would always recommend paying more when it means getting products which are 100% wool. It's breathable, natural and creates just the most visually beautiful textures and it is hard wearing so will last for years.

Below are some 100% wool home accessories which I am coveting this Autumn - hope you like them!

  1. Chunky knit mini stool, £125 - Cox & Cox
  2. St David's Cross cushion, £55 - The Wool Company
  3. As above
  4. Chunky knit wool throw, £214 - Etsy
  5. Mega knit throw, £207 - Hay at Selfridges
  6. Wolsley sofa made from 100% wool tweed, £999 - Made.com

Any favourites? Hx

Talent Alert: Braw Scotland

Today I would like to draw your attention to an incredible new brand which I think you will just love - Braw Scotland.

Recently launched by an old school friend of mine, Braw Scotland is a range of premium home accessories all inspired by the country of its origin. I am a massive fan of the range, which I think offers the same charm, quality and quintessentially British personality as the likes of Emma Bridgewater or Thornback & Peel - and I have no doubt designer Gabrielle Schoenenberger will be equally as successful.

All of the designs are hand-drawn by Gabrielle and materials are 100% natural and organic. All inspired by the Scottish landscape, the range consists of the cushion covers, tea towels, napkins, aprons and tote bags.

Have a peak at the range below...

All products are made from Gabrielle's studio in Edinburgh and can be purchased on the website here

The range is inspired by the city and the wild and domestic animals of Edinburgh - I am in love with the highland cows!

The tea towels are fantastic quality and would be a very desirable addition to any country kitchen worth its salt. 

A great gift (for yourself most likely) at a very reasonable £25

A final mention goes to the new Christmas range (sorry to use the 'C' word so soon) which features gorgeous napkins and tea towels. I am a huge advocate of the 'show' tea towel and this is exactly what I need to sit pride of place on my oven door this Christmas. This design is one of my favourites - somehow feeling utterly traditional whilst also retaining a modern feel through the cheeky characters and neutral background.

Set of 4 napkins, £27.50 and the tea towel is £12.50

What do you think? Any favourite designs?

I hope you like Gabrielle's gorgeous range as much as I do - go forth and purchase immediately x

Look of the Week

This week I would like to focus on a stunning bathroom which I absolutely love. Look of the Week hasn't focused on a bathroom before but I chose this room because I think there are some great ideas here to steal if you are completely renovating yours, or even if you are just looking for a few simple ways to revamp it...

Here are my take-outs on the best things working in this bathroom...

  1. The free standing bath on legs, increases how much floor you see which makes the room feel bigger. Those large floor tiles are perfectly neutral and also add to the feeling of space and luxury
  2. Bathroom wall tiles are often the most impactful thing in a scheme. Generally I hate half wall tiling but the metro tiles (my favourite!) ending with a quirky, geometric pattern feels fresh and adds some colour and character to the room
  3. Ladder style shelves are not only incredibly useful to store folded towels, storage baskets and quirky accessories, but it also adds some interest and texture to an otherwise sterile room
  4. Similarly, I love the use of plants in a bathroom - cacti and tropical plants who like warm environments are best - they just add that finishing touch
  5. Great light fittings and unique artwork should not be forgotten in the bathroom - treat it like you would any other room and fill it with the things you love

Here are some things I have found on the highstreet to help recreate this look at home...

  1. Step ladder shelving in putty, £129 - Marks & Spencer
  2. Cluster pendant light, £79 - Made.com
  3. Targa wall tiles (I am in love with these!!), £9.95 each - Fired Earth
  4. Resurrection hand wash and balm, £85 - Aesop
  5. Set of two Kubu baskets, £49 - Laura Ashley
  6. Chilean Cactus Plant, £24.99 - Gifts and Plants
What do you think? Planning on giving your bathroom a spruce?