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Look of the Week - Tips on designing a new bathroom

Happy Monday everyone! I wanted to kick off this week with a Look of the Week and a bathroom I have totally fallen in love with. I am particularly susceptible to gorgeous bathrooms at the moment as the one I currently  live with is not exactly my favourite room in the flat. It is functional and totally liveable but the time is quickly approaching for a refit...

This bathroom stood out to me because of its simplicity but also because of the modern touches which bring it to another level. The copper mirrors are industrial but the tone of the metal adds a little warmth to a room which is totally lacking in colour. Texture also really brings the design to life for me - the artisan metro wall tiles, the marble table top and stone basins create a really high end finish. I think I would liked to have seen a copper tap if I am being honest but that's just being really picky!

Here are some picks I found online which would help create a scheme like this at home...

  • White artisan metro tiles by Laura Ashley, currently half price (£12.99) at Homebase
  • Limestone basin £145 from Mandarin Stone
  • Copper mirror with shelf, £55 from Next - my absolute top buy! Great value, timeless and chic
  • Hand Reverence Duet, £85 from Aesop
  • Wall mounted mixer tap, £59.99 at Victoria Plumb
  • Grey towel bundle, from £5 at House of Fraser
I always think that bathrooms are such tricky rooms to decorate because its such an investment financially that choosing a scheme which has to work for many years to come can be daunting. After thinking on this here would be my tips when choosing a scheme...

Use quality materials

A new bathroom will have to last for many year so chose the most expensive materials you can afford. Think about durability too. A limestone basin is less likely to chip compared to a porcelain one for example. Also be careful if you love marble - its actually quite a soft material and can easily discolour if its exposed to colourful shampoos and body washes.

Consider the age of your home

If you life in an old house, I think its really important to reference that in the bathroom. A super modern home might look great initially but as it dates it will make less contextual sense as it won't be really modern and it won't be traditional. I love the modern versions of old styles - cast iron, black shower fixtures and copper details are particularly great it Victorian or Edwardian homes.

Use colour sparingly

If you are anything like me you will be fairly fickle when it comes to colour schemes. Therefore I would be careful of using colour when choosing expensive items such as wall and floor tiles. Choosing a neutral base for these items will mean you can experiment with colour elsewhere through towels, accessories and paint.

Get editing

It is obvious but pull together inspiration from all of the usual outlets (Pinterest, blogs, magazines etc) and compile an edit. If you are like me, its easy to fall in love with about 100 different styles but eventually you will have to narrow it down. Creating an edit will help you do this so you end up with a cohesive look, rather than something which is a bit confused.


Aside from colour, the shape of tiles is really important. Floor and wall tiles should complement each other otherwise the grout lines can make it  look too busy. For example if you are having small metro tiles on the wall, have large tiles on the floor to ensure the lines fade away and don't draw the eye down.

Have any of you recently done your bathroom? Would love to hear any learnings you had!



  1. Those subway tiles are really popular at the moment. I keep seeing them everywhere! They are really nice #LoveYourHome

  2. I love those rough edged tiles, we have the smooth edged ones in our kitchen but these ones give a great industrial feel.

    1. Yeh they are so lovely if you want a bit of texture. Love the smooth ones too - perfect in a kitchen! X

  3. Love this look, I'm hoping to go for something similar in our new attic later this year #loveyourhome

    1. Thanks Jen - me too in our bathroom. I am in love with that copper mirror in particular! #loveyourhome

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  5. I agree. It’s a little tricky to decorate the bathroom. That’s why it’s best to plan ahead for the design you want for it. Never forget to consider the layout, because there are some designs that wouldn’t fit for certain size of the room. And you also have to take the plumbing into consideration.

    Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing

  6. I quite like it. As you know, us guys are much more basic than the ladies. It looks like something I would love to have in my home. Spacious, minimalistic, yet modern and edgy. The colors are great and I love what you have done with the wall. The finishes are also amazing. Well done.

    Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing

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