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Getting Creative with Jam Jars

Like many people planning a wedding, I am starting to get a little crafty when it comes to decorating our venue. Regular readers will know that Peter has been diligently making 1000 origami cranes (he is currently on 400 with just under 4 months to go FYI. The pressure is on...) so I wanted to get my hands dirty and do something creative myself...

Thanks to some very dedicated jar collectors in my family, we are starting to get a strong collection to hold our flower decorations, but I wanted to make them a little special and to tie in with the theme. After a dig around our cellar, I found an assortment of old emulsion paint and used them to decorate the inside of the jars, giving them colourful bases. Really pleased with how they turned out and should look lovely with some beautiful blooms come the summer...

Just dribble some emulsion in the jar and slowly swill it round the base, as high up as you want to go
After a little look around Pinterest, I have found a few other ideas to get jam jars looking a little more fun and here are some of my favourites...

I love this and will definitely be trying it. Old wrapping paper or wallpaper is stick using PVA glue round the outside of the jars - so easy and look adorable

Get creative with tipex or try permanent markers, which come in all sorts of colours. I think the white is particularly effective though

Similar to what I did, but painted all the way up in pretty pastel shades - lovely for the home

Beautiful and so simple. Would make a great table centre pieces

What do you think?


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