Storage Wars

This weekend I have been having a fairly pre-mature Spring clean of the flat, with a big focus on storage. Living in a one bedroom flat means you need to be pretty savvy and organised when it comes to storage and I don't know that I have been quite as practical in my furniture and design choices as I could have been. For example, I decided not to have wall units in my kitchen to get it feeling spacious and light, however I basically just halved the amount of space to store glasses, mugs, plates, jugs, Martini glasses (and all the other fairly unessential kitchen paraphernalia I tend to buy).

So today's post is all about my favourite storage solutions which I intend to explore for my home. So here is some inspiration...

Although in many ways this bedroom storage is completely impractical (when does anyone's wardrobe look that neat and coordinated?!), the high shelving is a great idea. Fill with wicker baskets to create a home for accessories such as scarves and belts and fold up warm throws in the summer.

 As more people chose to live 'open-plan', using storage to divide rooms is a great way to create living 'zones', whilst also creating some practical storage for things like books and DVDs. Also a great place to display your favourite nick-knacks. Sit a low-level storage unit behind a sofa to nail the look.

Unusual shelving units can not only be really useful when it comes to storage, but they can also make an impact in the right spot. Homebase have a great range which you can view here.

Narrow hallways can feel really cramped with coats and jackets hung-up on hooks, but thin, wall-hung units are amazing to stash away shoes and bags.

The space under the stairs, is prime storage gold. I love that this one has become an office but you could also turn it into a downstairs toilet or simply a place to stash vacuum cleaners, ironing boards and suitcases. Either way, think about how to make the most of the space.

What do you think? Have you started to think about your Spring clean yet? 

H x


  1. Yes! Spring clean and declutter is well underway. I love that shoe storage unit - must get something like this, our shoes seem to breed! x

  2. I love these storage solutions. I also like open plans like all these that display all your books and things you want to show off but keep tidy. That wouldn't work just yet in my home since I have two toddlers running about but hopefully someday. Beautiful ideas. #loveyourhome

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