1 Blomma London: For the dog who has everything...

For the dog who has everything...

The news that Sofa.com have teamed up with homeware designer Fenella Smith and animal charity Dog's Trust made me immensely happy yesterday morning and when you see the pictures you will understand why...

A range of dog beds, in which a proportion of the sale will go to the dogs charity, made in delightful canine inspired fabric, is honestly the stuff of dreams. Fenella Smith has created four charming fabrics for the dog beds; Dachshund, Pug, Labrador or Pheasant which any self professed dog lover should invest in immediately.

Launching later this month, the Cecil dog bed is available in two sizes, regular or large, and can also be covered in any of sofa.com’s colourful brushed linen cottons to create a luxurious bed for pampered pups.  Now let's just spend a few moments enjoying these adorable images of this guy...

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