1 Blomma London: Wednesday Weakness: Drinks Trollies and 70s Style

Wednesday Weakness: Drinks Trollies and 70s Style

Few people will have been able to avoid the retro trend sneaking its way through into popular culture this Spring. The launch of the final season of Mad Men, along with flares and platforms seen on the high-street have brought 70s style back into fashion.

It got me thinking about 70s homeware style, and to be honest the browns, yellows and dark furniture aren't really something I can get behind in a huge way. It looks so fabulous in some homes, but my love of white and lime washed wood prevent me from getting too excited.

However there is one aspect of retro design that I really can get behind, although I must admit they are a little more 50s/60s... the rather wonderful drinks trolley.

As I get older I am really finding myself getting into the drinking in a big way. Not in the jager bomb way, but in the homemade cocktail, lovely, unusual spirits way. Therefore the idea of having a designated drinks trolley is extremely exciting and my latest must-have for my home. I have had a scour around the highstreet and here are some of my favourites. I will be ordering the Swoon Editions version immediately!

  1. Swoon Editions, £199
  2. Ikea, £50
  3. Heal's, £385
  4. Oliver Bonus, £195
  5. Made.com, £129 (also available in blue and wood)
If you want to stay truly authentic, there is a great selection of vintage trollies on Etsy too.

In the spirit of things, I have picked a few inspiring rooms which I found on Pinterest which give a nod to the 70s design aesthetic and not a brown sofa in sight...

The hanging wicker chair - pure 70s retro but still 100% desirable today

70s style furniture still feels modern, especially pared with fresh pastels

The peacock chair - a 70s classic

Although this could be part oft he Mad Men set this season, the fresh tiles and light flooring keep this looking totally up to date

What do you think? Are you a fan of 70s home style?



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