1 Blomma London: Inside Rebecca Hadley's Home

Inside Rebecca Hadley's Home

Good afternoon all! There is nothing like sneaking into someone fabulous's home and today I wanted to take you through the colourful, eclectic magic that is Rebecca Hadley's home. For those who don't know, Rebecca is the buying force behind Urban Outfitter's homeware department which you know I am a HUGE fan of. Her style totally sums up the fun, creative homeware available at the store and I have pulled out some of my favourites below inspired by her amazing home.

You can read a full interview with her, including some more amazing shots of her home on the Urban Outfitters blog here.

I just love the different coloured fences - it makes her garden look like a magical oasis amongst the brick around it
Love the mix of textures and colour - copper, tartan, pastels and sheepskin all thrown together shouldn't work but it so does

Primary colours against the shocking pink desk looks unexpected and unique

The slick kitchen is brought to life with quirky artwork and those amazing copper stools

Statement artwork and lighting give the space great character

A lesson in creating the perfect picture wall

What do you think? Any ideas you might steel for your home? I am loving the painted stairs, the use of great artwork and touches of copper - definitely things I will be replicating!

Here are my top picks from Urban Outfitter's current homeware range...

  1. Large Shrek Planter, £30
  2. Large Multi-Frame, £50
  3. UO X Dansette Bermuda Standing Record Player UK Plug in Red, £250
  4. Copper Coffee Table, £45
  5. Kilimrag Rug, £350



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