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Bathroom renovation project

As you know, just before the wedding Peter and I bought a little slice of East London to put our stamp on. When I told people it was a 'do-er up-er' I don't think they realised how much of a project it really was. I mean literally every. single. room needs gutting. It's a lot to take on, particularly for someone who has never done anything like this before but I am so excited to be doing it and also to be documenting our progress on here. I will be using the hashtag #StowRenovation so do follow me on Insta and Twitter to see how we are getting on! I will also be sharing everything on here so do pop by and let me know what you think.

SO after lots of conversations with builders, plumbers, electricians, damp proofers, window fitters and several hours spent online doing as much research as possible, we are just about NEARLY ready to go...

The first job is to move the bathroom upstairs into the third bedroom. We will loose a bedroom by doing this, but as it's just the two of us it seems like the right sacrifice, particularly as it means getting a much bigger kitchen. And bathrooms downstairs are just annoying (we have lived there for 4 weeks now and I don't know how people do it). Eventually we would like to go into the loft so hopefully one day we can recoup the extra bedroom.

For anyone else doing a full house refurb, just a note to say we are going to be living on site for the duration of the project so will keep you updated on how that is going and how we are (not) coping.

Obviously as an interiors blogger, the fun bit for me is planning how things are going to look and having the rare opportunity to literally start from scratch. So to kick things off, here are my plans for our bathroom...

For me, there were three things I jotted down as being absolutely essential in my dream bathroom:

  1. Lots of storage (I hate seeing toiletries everywhere and I have far too many...)
  2. I have always dreamed of a freestanding bath so now is the time!
  3. A good sized, walk in shower

Worried that some of these elements might be a little pricey, I did lots of research and actually seeming luxuries (free standing bath anyone) are surprisingly affordable if you shop around. The vanity unit I have picked out is from Ikea, and is about a quarter of the price of others I have seen on the high street.

I was always going to go for a monochrome scheme, as my love of Scandi interiors pre-sets me that way, but also because it gives a good neutral base for you to play with when it comes to textures and I love wickers, linens and woods, all of which I want to bring into the room to warm it up.

To bring some interest, I really want to bring in a strong floor tile and these from Tons of Tiles, are amazing. Such a good price too - £250 to cover a pretty large space. Adding in some hamman towels, succulents in pretty monochrome pots and the obligatory Aesops handcare and we should be good to go. I would also  love to get some black taps for the sink but am struggling to hunt any I like down - recommendations very welcome!

This weekend was the first time we got our hands dirty and as you can see, the bathroom has a long way to come...

It was used as a study by the previous owner, and had about 300 shelves mounted on the walls (slight exaggeration) and huge desks fixed to each of the walls (not an exaggeration). So striping the room was harder, and more time consuming than we had initially thought. There were also two layers of anaglypta wallpaper to contend with, which was a bit of a nightmare. We donned gloves, face masks and goggles and got to work scraping it off. As you can see, the red paint is the layer underneath all the wallpaper, everything else is just very stubborn so we will be getting a steamer to finish off these last bits before the builders come in.

What do you think? A good plan? Would love to see any schemes you have created at home or in your head. Stay tuned for how it all pans out, and for more mood boards for the rest of the house!

H x

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