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Greek Love

As mentioned in my last post, I was lucky enough to shoot off to the Greek islands of Santorini and Mykonos straight after the wedding, on our honeymoon.

I absolutely loved both islands; Santorini was beautiful and peaceful, with the most amazing scenery and sunsets, whereas Mykonos was vibrant and buzzy with gorgeous higgledy piggledy streets.   Both however, were packed full of the gorgeous, white washed, blue shuttered buildings that you see in all the postcards, which I found so inspiring and made me want to try and bring a little of Greece home with me.

Rustic painted blue door

One of my favourite things about the town of Mykonos was these wonderful floors - apparently they're a nightmare to maintain as you can imagine

Soft cottons and linens in stripes were seen all over in cushions, throws and seat covers.

The white buildings change as the light does. The soft blues, mauves and pinks probably create my favourite part of the day

My Greek style guide would look a little like this...

  1. White everywhere. When it comes to interiors as well as fashion, you can't get away from it. White washed walls and floors throughout to create a bright and sun filled feeling
  2. Keep it natural. The abundance of shops selling hand crafted products in natural materials is reflected in all the interiors. Cottons, linen, wicker and leather in soft natural colours are a must to create the easy Greek vibe
  3. Keep it local. One of my favourite purchases in Mykonos was some hand crafted olive wood salad servers and pestle and mortar. Wood from the olive tree is not porous so it is perfect for food as bacteria can't penetrate it, This natural wood is found all over the Greek islands, arriving from Crete, where they grow olive trees. It is used for all kinds of kitchenware and the smell (of olive oil) is totally Greek
  4. Simplicity is key. Once you have focused on just using quality, natural materials there is no need to fuss with other artifacts to clutter the home. Keep things simple and pare it back
  5. Paint it. All of the wood you see in Mykonos is painted different shades of blue, almost without exception. This includes windows, shutters, external stairs... the works. It occurs to me that the blue was chosen as a reflection of the bright colour of the sky. Perhaps here that means we should opt for grey instead... but if you want to bring some of Greece home, go blue
Here is a little selection from me on recreating the look at home...

  1. Market basket, £19 - Bohemia Design
  2. White linen bathrobe, £120 - The Linen Works
  3. Pom Pom blanket in cobalt, £140 - Bohemia Design
  4. Olive wood pestle and mortar, £27 - Just Ingredients
  5. Blue Hamman throw/towel, £23 - Loving Home
  6. Andalucia range of tiles, from £0.53 - Fired Earth
What do you think? Are you inspired by Greek style?

H x

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