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Dressing windows - so many options, so little time

SO wasn't the weather lovely over the weekend? Yep, glorious, amazing, incroyable. And totally bloody unbearable. The trouble with living in a renovation project is that you don't have any of those everyday luxuries you take for granted. Case in point - curtains/blinds. Which meant this weekend was hot, sweaty (not in a good way) and bright, so so bright, first thing in the morning. So yesterday in a rather grumpy, sleep deprived frenzy I start to look into window dressing options to I can start to fantasise about the day I have wonderful sun blocking, energy efficient, BLACK AS THE NIGHT blinds to help me enjoy sleep once again.

Turns out there is a whole world of blinds out there and lots of them do very whizzy things like control room temperature, reduce road noise and come in about a million different colours, textures and styles. In case you are also on a blind hunt at the moment here are some of my favourite options after a little investigative work...

Black Out

Black out blinds of course don't need to be black and there is something a bit scary about black anything in a home. However, I just love these in a monochrome scheme. Incredibly on point style wise, but also I bet some serious sleeping gets done in this room. If you are not sure about the black, black out blinds come in so many different colours, available from numerous outlets on the high street for a really reasonable price. This animal version would just be adorable in a child's room.

Energy efficiency

We are going to have some French doors very similar to this in our new kitchen and I hadn't really considered blinds for it until I saw this picture. It is definitely something I am going to invest in because you  want the privacy it gives you but also because of the energy saving aspect. Big panes of glass let out quite a lot of heat, even if they are double glazed. I like that this particular example still allows some light in. Duette® blinds are a really good option as they claim to save up to 25% on your energy bills through their blinds alone.


One of the problems we have being on a terraced street is privacy, especially at the front of the house. You don't always want blinds covering the whole window because it blocks out the light but you also want something to shield you from the outside world when you are slubbing around in your pyjamas. The dream would be for wooden shutters across the bottom of the window but these can be pricey so I thought these were a really good option. Blinds that can be extended up or down, depending on what you need. I also love the linen look of these - feels so soft and natural. Again Duette® do some amazing options for these top up / bottom down blinds. Head over to www.duette.co.uk to have a look at how they work.

Dark vs Light

My bright, early mornings living blind-less are making these look slightly less attractive but I just love white blinds. They almost disappear into the scheme and look so fresh and clean. You can actually get white black out blinds, which are heavily lined so that might be an option because I just love how this bedroom looks. On the flip side, blinds with white on the outside reflect light away from the window so as to keep the room cool. Perfect to help you stay cool during stuffy summer nights.

Traditional is timeless

As I mentioned above, they can be pricey but wooden shutters do have that enduring style which still makes them a really popular choice. Of course, they don't offer benefits like total darkness, insulation or reduced road noise but they do look really quite wonderful and for me, still a contender.

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