1 Blomma London: Must Visit: God's Own Junkyard

Must Visit: God's Own Junkyard

As a fairly new resident of Walthamstow, one of the first things I wanted to do was visit the legendary God's Own Junkyard, an amazing collection of neon signs.

Chris Bracey made signs for film sets, Soho clubs and circus rides becoming a leading expert in the field. Along with making the signs, he also collected abandoned signs and began selling them in his incredible shop, God's Own Junkyard, just a few minutes walk from Walthamstow Village. The shop is more of a museum than a shop and a truly amazing place to explore...

Just next to God's Own is Mother's Ruin gin distillery and Wild Card brewery so you can enjoy a freshly brewed pint or a G&T after gawping at the neon magnificence.

The site when you first walk in is incredible, neon signs filling every crevice from floor to ceiling, wall to wall.

Prices vary, but I have been advised that they range from £200 upwards but most of the ones that caught my eye were around the £650 mark. For an original piece of art though, its fairly reasonable and I am certainly about the start saving... surely a prerequisite for any well respected Walthamstonian to have an original Chris Bracey non? That's my excuse anyway. And for anyone wondering which one I would pick, it's got to be this one, perfectly placed over my drinks trolley...

Can't recommend stopping by enough! Could you see one of these neon signs gracing your home?
H x