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Loaf Love

One of the hardest things about our house renovation has been living without a sofa. Honestly it has been a real struggle for the last four.whole.months. It is something that you just take for granted when you have one, but when you don't; woah. Living without a sofa means that your bed becomes the place you do everything, from watching TV to eating breakfast (ok so the fact we don't have a dining table plays into this a little too).

So you can see why I was just a tad excited to make the journey down the Victoria Line to Loaf.com's new Battersea showroom, or Loaf Shack, to order the sofa which has been the result of about 2 years in research and planning (a sofa is a big investment - you have to get it just right, right?!).

I decided to plump for the Pompidou in a gorgeous linen fabric and the count down has begun for it's arrival. I have to say, I am glad I went to the new showroom with a clear idea of what I wanted because the range is just fabulous and the new showroom is totally seductive...

 Laid out in a great warehouse style room, most of the range (although not quite all) is laid out in room mock-ups in a vast array of colours and fabrics. Computers are dotted around in case you need to refer to the online site for specifics or to mock up your favourite style in different colours and samples are hanging up nearby so you can get a good look and feel before making a decision. I spent about an hour draping my favourite fabrics over different pieces of furniture, so much so that someone actually thought I worked there. *time to go home*

SO many fabrics so little time 
All of them are also available in little swatches so you can take them home to mull over before making a decision
The range is displayed in various sizes and colours for inspiration
My favourite section of the shack though was their 'Take Away' section which offers accessories to buy there and then, something that you can't do on the website as there is usually a few weeks wait. The range includes gorgeous throws, cushions, candles and bed linen. The linen bedding bundles are so dreamy - it was hard to resist but something I might just add to my Christmas list (wishful thinking!). 

The bed linen in soft hues and natural fabrics
Super cosy throws

Bath salts, candles and crockery mean you can live loaf even if you aren't in the market for a sofa
Finally the beds and mattresses...

Great selection, ranging from the traditional to the minimalist
Definitely worth a trip if you are nearby!

H x

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