Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The bathroom is finished! Ish

First of all a huge apology for the radio silence over the past few weeks. Between a house renovation, full time work and a horrible bout of flu things have run away with me slightly on the blog front. But I am back and promise *brownie's honour* to try harder in future...

To help get things back in the swing of things I thought I would share an update of my bathroom project. For those who missed the last update (and for the shocking before shot) have a read of my previous blog on this here.

Although the bathroom was the rest room in the renovation to get any attention, it is the room that will probably get totally finished last. However, it is pretty much, very almost finished. In fact, despite the fact that we don't have blinds in the window yet  - to the delight of a pervy neighbour we caught peering in on a couple of occasions - I think we are there. So here you have it...

The yucca may be taking it a bit too far...

Still moving things around and deciding on the smaller details like toilet roll holders, shelves and towels. The obligatory Aesops handwash made its way onto the sink this weekend and I intend to buy some sort of lovely laundry basket to feature somewhere but I haven't found quite what I want yet. Oh and a pedal bin. And maybe some new towels... potentially a shower caddy... a bath caddy too? Oh and that marble soap dish I saw... Hmm maybe this room will never quite be finished

H x


  1. Absolutely love the bathroom, so lovely. Modern yet homey :) I'm currently in the process of designing my new bathroom too so hope it comes out just as nice x

    The Fairytale Pretty Picture

  2. If I were you I'd go for a a full panel wooden bath caddy for the bath tub; one that spans the entire width of the tub, and that fits on to the sides of the tub in such a way that you can slide it lengthwise along the tub without damaging the enamel finish. I think having a wood element in the tub would compliment the wood drawers under the sink.

    As for the shower, I'd keep it simple and go for two wall mounted shower caddies. Two triangular marble pieces would do the trick nicely.

    Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating