Look of the Week

Good morning all! Hope you are well and keeping warm... I don't know about you but I am itching for Spring. I have already spotted some blossoms and the opened toed shoes in the shops are incredibly tempting.

So this morning I wanted to share a lovely light, bright, Spring-like room to get you in the mood too...

There are so many things I love about this room from the incredible giant windows to the sumptuously styled bed and mid-century inspired furniture. A word must also be said for those stunning floorboards. I usually prefer the white-washed look when it comes to painted flooring, where you can still see some of the grain underneath, but this high-gloss finish looks incredible. It really bounces the light around the room and feels so fresh and clean.

As ever, I have had a scour of the high-street and these are my top picks for recreating this room at home:

  1. Cotton pillowcase in light grey, £2.99 - H&M
  2. Glass pendent shade, £35 - Made.com
  3. Natural woven rug, £65 - Ikea
  4. Artificial plant, £5 - Ikea
  5. ZigZag storage basket, £29.99 - Zara Home
  6. Cheap RX
  7. Wooden bedside cabinet, £285 - Oliver Bonas

What do you think? Any favourites in this room?

H x

In Love with Linen

There is something so French and chic about linen - it reminds my of the amazing shops in Nice which I went to a few years ago. Lazily draped linen throws next to enamel jugs of lavender; it just captures that irreverent ease which I so associate with French style. However, I think linen is having a bit of a moment in modern interiors over here. It's the Scandinavian influence of natural fabrics and neutral colour schemes which has suddenly taken this lovely fabric from that shabby chic look to a more modern, minimalist aesthetic.

I for one absolutely love it, particularly when it comes to bedding and soft furnishings. It has such a quality feel to it, yet it won't break the bank if you know where to look...

After having a look around the high-street for linen items I have to say that H&M are phenomenal. They offer everything from bedlinen to curtains and accessories in 100% washed linen which I absolutely love and are priced very well indeed. Another great retailer is Linen Fabrics which offers gorgeous products from the home, all from high quality linen. Here are some of my favourite products:

  1. H&M Linen Bedding from £49.99 
  2. H&M 100% linen napkins, 
  3. Linen towels in Oatmeal from £6.99 from Linen Fabrics
  4. White linen cushion, £12.99 from H&M
  5. Linen cushion in grey, £6.99 from H&M
  6. Linen storage bucket from H&M, £7.99

What do you think? Is linen something you have are attracted to for your home?

H x

Valentine's Day

Blueberry pancakes in bed followed by some treats from Aesop - a rather lovely Valentine's Day this year.

Vintage tray, plate from Ikea, Emma Bridgewater Birds Collection mug and silk bedspread from The White Company

I am in love with the Aesop collection at the moment. This body lotion features citrus tangerine and sweet vanilla to create an amazing scent which lasts all day long.

Trend Alert: Patterned Flooring

Happy Monday everyone! I wanted to kick off this week with a trend I have started noticing in and around the internet and in magazines during recent months which I absolutely love and can't wait to experiment with; patterned flooring. I remember some time ago, patterned carpets in particular were being peddled as a huge trend but the reign of wooden floors still seemed to win out in most homes. I think the memory of those autumnal coloured, floral patterns of the 80s were perhaps still a little fresh in our minds... I personally grew up with a reddish brown monstrosity which haunts all of our family photos and home videos to this day.

However, the trend for Scandinavian design with is geometry, monochrome-ish and love of texture and natural materials makes me feel that we could be on the advent of a floor revolution. There is also a touch of retro, mid century cool about patterned flooring, whether its tiles or a striped carpet, which I think is rather exciting. And hey, for me, if pistachio bathroom suits can make a come back then so can patterned floors.

Here are some ways in which I think patterned floors are really successful...

Wooden Floors

Experimenting with pattern when it comes to wooden floors is something which goes back centuries. However its geometry still feels fresh today. I love the different colours of wood used here, but for something similar in your home, expect to pay generously.

Go big or go home

If you do want to bring something a bit different to your home, then why not go all out with a highly patterned carpet. I love the kitsch, arts and crafts vibe of the staircase on the right. With the white walls it feels so bright and fresh whilst still giving a nod to tradition.

I absolutely love the checked carpet on the left - just genius, especially teamed with the pale untreated wood, so so Scandinavian. You could easily recreate this at home using carpet floor tiles in grey, black and white (work out the pattern before you start fixing them down though!). Carpet tiles are really inexpensive and are hard-wearing, making them perfect for high-traffic areas like hall ways or a child's bedroom. Carpetright have a good collection in loads of different colours.

Stairway to...

If using a patterned floor in a whole room feels a bit daunting, the stairs are a great place to experiment. Striped carpets have been quite popular in the past but can tend to be in a multitude of colours which I think has had its day. I prefer to keep it simple, sticking to a monochrome palate as shown here. Again, Carpetright's Linear range sums up this trend perfectly.


If all out pattern isn't your thing, texture is a great compromise. Not only does it add interest to your carpet, it is also much better at hiding marks and general wear. Using natural fibres can also help people with allergies.

Retro Tiles

One of my favourite ways to use pattern on the floor - retro tiles. They look great everywhere if you ask me, but I imagine kitchen and bathrooms are the best places unless you live somewhere hot and can handle cold tiles underfoot all year round. I am seeing more and more of these coming onto the market and Topps Tiles have a great range at a fairly reasonable price, They are still quite expensive but if you are just tiling a small area such as a bathroom, I think it is totally worth it for major wow factor.

What do you think? Do you have a patterned floor in your home?


This is a collaborative post but all views and opinions are my own.