Bring the outdoors in

Good Morning! For those Brits reading this, we are in for some rather amazing weather this week so I wanted to post about bringing some gorgeous greenery into your home to celebrate. There is nothing like fresh flowers and gorgeous greenery at home to make you feel fresh and summery and there are some amazing options out there for those of us who don't have a garden.

Here are some of my favourite products to freshen up your home this weekend...

  1. Gold terrarium, £44 from West Elm
  2. Set of 3 hanging planters, £88 from Light and Ladder on Etsy
  3. Hanging planter, £5 from Ikea
  4. Succulents, just £3 from Ikea (they have a great selection at such a great price!)
  5. Set of three wooden plant pots, £9.29 at ElleOneNine on Etsy
  6. Self watering herb pot, £38 at Scandi Living
H x

Blomma logo... help needed!

Good morning all and happy weekend! This morning I need your help... I have decided to have a big of a blog revamp and to get things started, an extremely talented friend of mine has designed some beautiful logos for me to choose from. Trouble is, they are genuinely all so gorgeous, I literally don't know which to go for which is where you come in...

Logos are so important when it comes to quickly, clearly and concisely depict exactly what you are and what people can expect of you. I know as a blogger I am definitely still trying to figure that out so I thought the best people to help me are you... the 5 people who read this blog occasionally (hi mum!).

So before I get onto the designs for you to help me pick, a word to the designer, my wonderful friend Julia Monsell who is the most talented creative I have met. I think you'll agree the designs are all spot on and she has made it incredibly tough to pick just one. For any bloggers out there who want to invest in having their blog professionally designed, or a bespoke logo created I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

SO anyway, here are my favourites... please leave your thoughts and favourites to help me choose!

Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

H x

Look of the Week

Good morning all! To kick off this bright, sunny day I wanted to share a Look of the Week from one of my favorite retailers,

They have just added some delicious new sofas to their range and as always, their styling and photography is spot on when it comes to creating that fresh, bright and breezy look which is the perfect balance of Scandinavian simplicity and English cosy.

Although all of the sofas are delightful in their own way, this Happy sofa is Mermaid velvet is my favourite and the basis of today's treatment. Here are my tips on how to create this whole look on the high street at home...

  1. Small porcelain bowl with gold inside, £4.99 - H&M Home 
  2. Designers Guild Varese Emerald Cushion, £45 - Heal's 
  3. Heart of House Lille Large Glass Droplet Chandelier, £39.99 - Homebase
  4. Checked denim rug, £99.99 - Zara Home
  5. Cheap RX
  6. Linen Twill Slipper, £9.95 - Muji
  7. Conran Aiken side table, £229 - Marks & Spencer
And of course in center stage the gorgeous Happy sofa from

H x 

Bathroom Inspiration

Morning all! This week I have been busy packing up our lovely little North London flat ready for a move East into our new house, which by all stretches of the imagination is a total dump. Seriously. But its exciting - the chance to restore something back to its former glory is something years of Renovation Man, Grand Designs and Homes Under the Hammer (to name but a few) has made me want to give it a go myself. And I must be somewhat of an expert now after watching all of those shows no?!

But anyway, one of the first things we need is a bathroom so today I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts as to the direction we might go. Its a new area for me, so any advice greatly welcomed!


 Two themes you will notice in these images is storage and a double sink. What these look like yet, I'm not sure. I love this big chest of drawers, transformed into a vanity unit and I have looked EVERYWHERE for something similar but I think the only way to do it is to transform a chest, adding the sign and plumbing into the back. Could be tricky but maybe I can get Peter on board to help on this one...

So back to the double mirrors. I love the set up where you have two sinks, and two mirrors above. Has that luxury hotel bathroom vibe about it, whilst also being super practical. Also, the taps coming out of the walls, rather than out of the sink is another #want of mine. I wonder if they are tricky to install?

Part of me thinks, as I want it to last for years, I should stay really simple, and go all out white in the bathroom and then accessorise with towels, lovely rattan baskets etc like this.  The other part of my wants black walls and gold taps...

I love the dram in this room. The wood panelling, the walk in shower and of course the roll top bath. I think budget will be a deciding factor on this one but I have to squeeze a roll top ion there somehow right??

Have a look at my post from a few months ago about tiles if you are looking for ideas for your bathroom too.

Have you done a bathroom renovation yet? How did it go? Would live to see pictures and hear any tips!

H x