Award nominee - Best Design Inspiration Blog

A little plea this morning... this year I have been nominated for Best Design Inspiration blog at the Amara Blog Awards 2016.

NO idea who nominated me but whoever you are thank you! It's very exciting and also incredibly humbling (hate that phrase but its true) as I am tipped against some of my genuine favourite bloggers. People like Erica Davis from The Edited, Emma Harris of A Quiet Style and Kate Watson-Smyth of Mad About the House are part of the reason I gave this blogging lark a go.

Up against these super women warriors of the inspiration blog world, I have absolutely no chance of winning but if you do have a spare couple of seconds, it would be great to have a few votes if only to save face!

Visit the site here to vote for me directly, or take a look at the amazing other nominees to discover some new blogs to add to your reading list.

Love you forever

H x

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