Wall art: Instagram favourites and where to buy them

If like me, you obsessively follow some of the amazing bloggers and interiors designers capturing their homes on Instagram, you will know that quite often a few of the same home accessories crop up again and again. When you follow a whole bunch, you can start to spot trends and themes and art work is one area where this is certainly true.

If, like me, you often spot incredible picture walls or beautifully curated art collections on Instagram but aren’t sure where to find them, fear no.  I have done all the hard work for you so here are some of the art prints and wall hangings I am crushing on right now… You. Are. Welcome.

This Completely Devoted print is from Soo-UK and is priced between £35-£55 depending on the size you buy. It us unframed but looks great in almost any setting.

The 'Eloise' print is one I have spotted in many an Instagram pic. I can understand why as it is totally feel good and has amazing energy. You can pick this print up from Rocket St George for £45

 The fluffy feather wall hangings... these pop up all over the place and I think they can be a great tool to add interest to a collection of art when you don't just want prints. These are from Holly's House and come in a range of colours priced at £19

So it's probably a little early to think about buying your 2017 wall calender but the Stendig versions are so much more than a way of planning your diary. This is wall art and no Scandi scheme would be complete without one. They usually sell-out so plan ahead and get in there early. Try Twenty Twenty One for yours and expect to pay from £46

One of my favourites, these art prints by Tom Pigeon are the perfect collection to perk up an empty wall. The colours, crisp lines and interesting movement in these are very appealing and would sit perfectly in my lounge... hmm *checks bank balance*. At £60 each without the frame, getting the trio is somewhat of an investment but if you have the right spot for them, it will be a truly striking feature. Try Trouva for sellers of Tom's work.

The Sky Circles print is a firm favourite across the interiors set and you often see it crop up in inspirational room styling. It is beautiful but will set you back £180 from Holly's House

Finally the knitted words which seem to pop up all over my feed. You can custom order specific names, words and phrases or you can check out the collection here on the SeventySeven84 website.

So they you have it. Adding some trend-led art can really pep up a scheme but don't forget to mix them up with pieces that you have collected over the years for a gallery or curation of items which are really personal to you and your family.

H x

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