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One of the most important parts of any interior scheme is the lighting. I am quite obsessive about it to the point that I never have the main light on in any room. ever. Some people come round and think its weird (it took Peter some time to understand) but so often it's really harsh and doesn't feel relaxing and cosy. Yes, you can go for dimmer light switches, but again they just don't quite do it for me. I am all about the following...

1. Task lighting

This is great in bathrooms, kitchens and if you are reading in bed or in the living room. For me, each of these things can be covered off by either wall lights (above a mirror or next to the bed) or perfectly positioned drop or pendant lighting (above a worktop in the kitchen).

2. Ambient lighting

This is what will give you that lovely glow in a room which is cosy, warm and soothing. This is covered off by low level table lamps and hidden lighting, in kitchen cabinets for example.

Honestly, if I were brave enough, I would consider ditching the main light in at least my bedroom, lounge and dining room without question but some people think that's kinda crazy.

So essentially lighting, particularly wall and table lamps, is so important to me and yet it is really quite an expensive thing to purchase and the choice out there can be pretty limited. The Tom Dixon floor lamps are gorgeous but not everyone has upwards of £1000 to spend on one. Likewise with many other lighting fixtures available on the high-street right now (H&M Home, you NEED to get into lighting please). And also why are lamp shades always so boring looking? And why do quirky lamp bases always drive such a high price? These are the sorts of questions which of course keep me up at night. Therefore I was thrilled to discover Pooky, an independent lighting specialist which not only offers a huge range of perfect lamp shades, bases and pendants but is also totally affordable.

Here are some of my tops picks which I will be adding to my shopping list...

I LOVE This colour. It's called Antique Rose and is made in beautiful silk dupion. I will be investing in the medium straight empire version for my living room

Finally a lamp shade with a bit of character - this is the Empire in Black

I love this for a desk or a bedside lamp. Its the Goldie

This lamp base is AMAZING. I want it baaad. Christmas is pretty close right?? It's the Palmyra

The Stanley would look great over an industrial mirror in a bathroom - the forest green colour would be beautiful complimented by some patterned tiles

Just perfect.

H x

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