Five things to consider when creating a home office

This week I have been thinking about home offices. One of my colleagues is leaving the agency I work at to go freelance, and she is currently in the process of turning one of her bedrooms into the perfect office space.

I think it’s so important to have a dedicated space to work from, otherwise you end up working in your pyjamas from your bed or in front of the TV with This Morning, Loose Women, Homes under the Hammer… you get the gist. We have all been there. The risk of distraction at home is serious, so having the perfect space to hunker down in is key to actually get anything done.

So here are my top five things to consider when creating a work space at home…

1. A clear desk, a clear mind

It’s all about storage. Ensuring you have space to hide away files, accounting documents, tax information etc is going to ensure you are organised to keep the stress of mess far away. Invest in pretty box files and shelving to keep them out of the way so you can focus on the job at hand. My favourite spots to buy include Ikea and Kikki K, although Paperchase also have some create desk organisers.

2. Let there be light

Having a good source of lights is really important. Having a desk in front of a window or a skylight helps you stay focused whilst ensuring your eyes don’t go totally square staring at a bright screen in a gloomy room. I would also ensure you have blinds fitted, rather than curtains; they block out less light when open but they also allow you to control the amount of light you let in if the sun is inconveniently bright on your screen. For rooflights or VELUX windows try for a whole range of super flexible options.

3. Get comfy

One of my least favourite things about working in an office is the swivel chairs which you can never get quite high, reclined or straight enough. At home go for a chair which is beautiful but also comfortable. It needs to give the right amount of back support, but a soft seat cushion and a height which means you can sit with your feet flat on the floor will make all the difference.

4. Keep it neutral

When decorating a home office, I would be inclined to keep things quite neutral in terms of a colour scheme. Fresh whites or light greys will ensure the room feels bright and airy which will make you more inclined be work in there whilst also providing some much needed zen on a Monday morning.

5. Keep it flexible

For most people, having a home office means handing over a bedroom but that doesn’t mean you won’t occasionally need the space to act as a place for guests to stay over. If so, it’s a good idea to consider this when planning which furniture to buy. A sofa or day bed is the perfect way to ensure the room can still be used as a bedroom when necessary and also provides an area to veg on when you need to break away from your desk. and Ikea have some great affordable options.

Clockwise from top left…

Receipts file, Kikki K
Desk chair, West Elm
Pens, Kikki K
Blackboard, Ikea
Margaret Howell for Anglepoise lamp, Anglepoise
Mac Book Air, Apple
Desk tidy, Paperchase
Desk file, Kikki K

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