New hobby: Weaving

Now building work has ceased at the #stowrenovation I fancied getting crafty with a new hobby. The most gorgeous wall hangings kept popping up on my Instagram feed and I decided to give weaving a try. Its actually so simple to pick up and seriously rewarding.

I watched a few 'how to' guides online and found this one from Made by Aya which was a really useful basic guide. Since watching it I have started to experiment a little, replicating inspiring designs I have spotted and trying to fudge my way through on my own. I like working like that - just going for it without sitting in front of videos and instruction guides, but there is loads of info out there if you want to keep learning.

With Aya's tutorial, the onw thing I did switch was to use a canvas frame instead of cork board. I just bought one from an art shop and ripped off the canvas, using the frame to add the nails for the loom. I find it easier to hold and also you can see the back better.

Here are some of the people doing it MUCH better than I am and you should absolutely follow them for inspiration! There are also a couple of my first projects below which look super amateur after this amazing works...

Smile and Weave

Sun Woven


Some Blomma London originals...

Really enjoying exploring this medium and definitely urge anyone looking for something new to try to give it a go - really rewarding and flexible so you can get really creative.

H x