Blomma Guide to: Copenhagen

After returning from a few days in Copenhagen, I wanted to share a quick whistle-stop guide with you guys with some of my favourite things to do in the city, along with where to stay and where to eat. It was my first time in Copenhagen (unbelievably seeing as I love all things Scandi right now as you know) and I fell totally in love with the place. The pace of life, the amazing food and of course the beautiful interiors. The Danes basically just know what they are doing in life and I am totally down.

Where to stay

We stayed in Hotel SP34 which is in the Meat Packing district of the city which is full of great cafes, shops and restaurants so a great base for a trip. A beautiful boutique hotel packed with Danish interior design with breakfasts to die for. They also offer a wine hour every evening where you can enjoy free glasses of wine and port between 5pm - 6pm. A small touch but one greatly appreciated in a city known for it's high cost of living.

The bedrooms are the size you would expect for a city centre crash pad, but are meticulously designed with beautiful design touches

The lobby where you can enjoy 'wine hour' each day

Where to eat

As we were in Copenhagen for Peter's 30th birthday I wanted to organise a nice meal one evening, and with NOMA out of our prize range, I settled on HOST, meaning 'Harvest', which was recommended to me by a few people.

There is the choice of either a five or eight course tasting menu which is very reasonably priced per head for the quality and attention to detail. We had the eight course and enjoyed beef tartare, scallops, pork belly, beef tenderloin and stout ice cream along with a few surprises in between. The atmosphere is lovely and epitomises Hygge whilst the service is relaxed and unpretentious.

Beautiful atmosphere at HOST

Scallops served with an apple garnish and yeast soup on the side

Where to shop

The shopping is amazing in Copenhagen as you might imagine. One place that I would recommend you stop at though is Hay House, especially if you love interior design. The Hay range of homeware and furniture is typically Danish and the whole range is showcased in this town house in the centre of Copenhagen. With beautiful parquet floors, wood panelling and huge sash windows, the 'house' is as beautiful as the products which furnish it. Definitely worth a look round for inspiration and to escape from the cold for a few moments.

The beautiful accessories for sale in the shop

The kitchen inspiration in the shop is pure Scandi heaven

The bedroom to showcase the lovely range of quilts and accessories

Tea towels never looked so good

What to do

Copenhagen is a lovely place to just wander, but one place I would recommend swinging by is the Botanical Gardens, especially in Autumn. The colours on the leaves, the range of plants and the wildlife we saw whilst there were truly amazing. The old Palm House grows the most amazing tropical plants which you can explore out of the cold.

Peter enjoying the view

Such a varied amount of plants or 'Blomma' on display at the gardens

The Palm House is an amazing piece of architecture nestled amongst the leaves

Tropical plants like no others I have seen grow in the Palm House
 Another fun place to stop by is the Mikkeller bar. With 20 unusual beers on tap, this bar is the most relaxing and civilised place to enjoy a refreshing beer I have ever been to. With it's Scandi interior, and soft candle light (all day) it is definitely worth a visit. I enjoyed some stout alongside homemade beef jerky, mustard and strong Danish cheese.

The Mikkeller bar interior

So there you have it - a quick round up o a few o my favourite things to do in Copenhagen if you are planning a weekend there any time soon. I am hoping to go back in the not too distant future so if you have any other recommendations please let me know!

H x

Sleep time with Sealy

This evening I am sat snuggled on my sofa wearing my favourite White Company pyjamas, a wool blanket draped across my shoulders and enough candles to light a church burning in my lounge. It might be because I am getting carried away reading the Little Book of Hygge or maybe because today was the first time I have worn a scarf for six months, but I am feeling well and truly Autumnal. Part of enjoying Autumn is nesting down at home and getting ready for the winter months.

My favourite spot to be cosy is in a freshly made bed - nothing beats it. But something I am very guilty of (and I think there are a lot of us out there) is leaving quite a long time between updating my pillows and duvets. They are on of those things that no one really wants to spend money on and they often stay pretty low down the priority list but apparently you should change your pillows every two years. In which case I am very overdue...

So when I was approached by Sealy, I jumped at the chance to review their new range of pillows.

When I first tried them out, they were a lot fuller than I am used to (probably because my old pillows had seen better days!) and the first night's sleep I was a bit unsure whether they were for me. However a few days later I was totally convinced.

The new ‘Select’ range uses a hypoallergenic synthetic fibre which replicates silk so it has a super-fine filling to give softness and springiness. They are also very plump and seem to hold their shape really well which looks really quite luxurious. I normally wake up with my pillow squashed up against my headboard, with the pillowcase half hanging off, but that hasn't happened at all with these.

What I really love about them though, aside from them feeling really soft and supportive from a sleep perspective, is that they look great on the bed. They have a really generous amount of filling which ensures the pillow cases are really adequately filled so you get that really sumptuous look which you usually just see on styled shoots.

The pillows start at £33.99 and can be found at House of Fraser.

H x

Sealy provided me with these pillows to review, but as ever, all thoughts and opinions are my own.