Blomma's Christmas Gift Guide

It's Chriiiiiiissstmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassss!

With just two weeks to go, you are probably starting to feel a little freaked about getting your final bits of Christmas shopping done in time for the big day. I know I am. So as a little starter for 10, here are some ideas from me in two categories: beauty and home...


From top left...

Bobbi Brown Lip and Cheek Pot Rouge
£18 from John Lewis
This is a lovely addition to any make-up collection. The Rose colour is universally flattering and who wouldnt enjoy unwrapping the iconic black and white packaging?

Murdoch Sea Salt Styling Spray
£20 from Murdoch
My must have hair product for that tousled, easy beach hair look. This is great for boys and girls and the smell is AMAZING.

Aesop Reverence Hand Wash
£27 at Aesop
This iconic hand soap which will always go down well. I like the Reverence option as it has tiny bits of pummel inside to act as a gentle exfoliator.

Aesop Post Poo Drops
£20 at Aesop
The perfect balance of quirky fun and lovely luxury. With zingy notes of lemon and mardarin, it almost too good to pour down the toilet.

CO Bigelow Rose Lip Salve
£8.50 at Liberty
A great addition to any stocking, this lip salve is the most nourishing one I have tried and the packaging is delightfully traditional

Byredo Hand Cream
£42 at Space NK
An Instagram favourite, the packing is lust worthy enough but the insides are worth the price tag. Amazing scents and truly great moisturising.

This Works Pillow Spray
£22 at Feel Unique 
What better gift is there than a great night sleep? This pillow pray has a heady scent of lavender which will lull you into a deep sleep every time

NARS Bronzing Powder
£28 at Selfridges
A universal make-up gift which suits most skin tones to give a lovely glow - particularly needed during the depths of winter. One of the very few bronzing powders not to include glittery particles so it's a great every day item.


Clockwise from top left...

H x

Blomma London: Bedroom Reveal

Finally I am ready to share my finished bedroom! It's been about a year since it was stripped, re-plastered, sanded and fitted with new windows, electrics and heating but it's taken until now before I was really happy with the final product.

The room is now probably my favourite in the house as it has the most light and most of the things in it are actually items we are chosen or collected on our travels, rather than things that we have inherited or bought because they were all we could afford. Its become a bit of a mish mash of styles but I absolutely love it and it now finally feels like all the hard work was worth it. Phew.

Would love to know what you think!

H x

Linen bed linen £79.99 at H&M and cushion from West Elm. Similar here

Rug, £150 from Ikea and sheepskin hot water bottle from Cox & Cox

Wooden shutters from Hilary's

Wall light, £18 at Ikea, walls painted in Farrow and Ball Dimpse

Danish wall hanging £129 at Ferm Living 

Pax wardrobes from Ikea

H x

Wednesday Wishlist: November

Good afternoon all - hope Hump Day is going well for you. For a bit of distraction, here are my top picks for the home this week. Full of inspiration from my recent trip to Copenhagen (travel guide here if you missed it) and to address the fact that today suddenly feels very chilly; a mix of textures and Scandi minimalism to twitch at your purse strings (or at least mine!)...

Clockwise from top left...

Hanging wall art - £198 from Holly's House
This Works lavender pillow spray (I am OBSESSED with this) - £16 at Boots
Wall mirror with shelf - £125 at Hay Design at Clippings
Floor lamp - £260 at Graham and Green 
Velvet bedspread - £79 at H&M 
Storage cabinet - £379 at Swoon Editions (I have just bought this for my lounge. Perfect size for an alcove!)
Pom pom cushion - £20 at Debenhams

H x

Blomma Guide to: Copenhagen

After returning from a few days in Copenhagen, I wanted to share a quick whistle-stop guide with you guys with some of my favourite things to do in the city, along with where to stay and where to eat. It was my first time in Copenhagen (unbelievably seeing as I love all things Scandi right now as you know) and I fell totally in love with the place. The pace of life, the amazing food and of course the beautiful interiors. The Danes basically just know what they are doing in life and I am totally down.

Where to stay

We stayed in Hotel SP34 which is in the Meat Packing district of the city which is full of great cafes, shops and restaurants so a great base for a trip. A beautiful boutique hotel packed with Danish interior design with breakfasts to die for. They also offer a wine hour every evening where you can enjoy free glasses of wine and port between 5pm - 6pm. A small touch but one greatly appreciated in a city known for it's high cost of living.

The bedrooms are the size you would expect for a city centre crash pad, but are meticulously designed with beautiful design touches

The lobby where you can enjoy 'wine hour' each day

Where to eat

As we were in Copenhagen for Peter's 30th birthday I wanted to organise a nice meal one evening, and with NOMA out of our prize range, I settled on HOST, meaning 'Harvest', which was recommended to me by a few people.

There is the choice of either a five or eight course tasting menu which is very reasonably priced per head for the quality and attention to detail. We had the eight course and enjoyed beef tartare, scallops, pork belly, beef tenderloin and stout ice cream along with a few surprises in between. The atmosphere is lovely and epitomises Hygge whilst the service is relaxed and unpretentious.

Beautiful atmosphere at HOST

Scallops served with an apple garnish and yeast soup on the side

Where to shop

The shopping is amazing in Copenhagen as you might imagine. One place that I would recommend you stop at though is Hay House, especially if you love interior design. The Hay range of homeware and furniture is typically Danish and the whole range is showcased in this town house in the centre of Copenhagen. With beautiful parquet floors, wood panelling and huge sash windows, the 'house' is as beautiful as the products which furnish it. Definitely worth a look round for inspiration and to escape from the cold for a few moments.

The beautiful accessories for sale in the shop

The kitchen inspiration in the shop is pure Scandi heaven

The bedroom to showcase the lovely range of quilts and accessories

Tea towels never looked so good

What to do

Copenhagen is a lovely place to just wander, but one place I would recommend swinging by is the Botanical Gardens, especially in Autumn. The colours on the leaves, the range of plants and the wildlife we saw whilst there were truly amazing. The old Palm House grows the most amazing tropical plants which you can explore out of the cold.

Peter enjoying the view

Such a varied amount of plants or 'Blomma' on display at the gardens

The Palm House is an amazing piece of architecture nestled amongst the leaves

Tropical plants like no others I have seen grow in the Palm House
 Another fun place to stop by is the Mikkeller bar. With 20 unusual beers on tap, this bar is the most relaxing and civilised place to enjoy a refreshing beer I have ever been to. With it's Scandi interior, and soft candle light (all day) it is definitely worth a visit. I enjoyed some stout alongside homemade beef jerky, mustard and strong Danish cheese.

The Mikkeller bar interior

So there you have it - a quick round up o a few o my favourite things to do in Copenhagen if you are planning a weekend there any time soon. I am hoping to go back in the not too distant future so if you have any other recommendations please let me know!

H x

Sleep time with Sealy

This evening I am sat snuggled on my sofa wearing my favourite White Company pyjamas, a wool blanket draped across my shoulders and enough candles to light a church burning in my lounge. It might be because I am getting carried away reading the Little Book of Hygge or maybe because today was the first time I have worn a scarf for six months, but I am feeling well and truly Autumnal. Part of enjoying Autumn is nesting down at home and getting ready for the winter months.

My favourite spot to be cosy is in a freshly made bed - nothing beats it. But something I am very guilty of (and I think there are a lot of us out there) is leaving quite a long time between updating my pillows and duvets. They are on of those things that no one really wants to spend money on and they often stay pretty low down the priority list but apparently you should change your pillows every two years. In which case I am very overdue...

So when I was approached by Sealy, I jumped at the chance to review their new range of pillows.

When I first tried them out, they were a lot fuller than I am used to (probably because my old pillows had seen better days!) and the first night's sleep I was a bit unsure whether they were for me. However a few days later I was totally convinced.

The new ‘Select’ range uses a hypoallergenic synthetic fibre which replicates silk so it has a super-fine filling to give softness and springiness. They are also very plump and seem to hold their shape really well which looks really quite luxurious. I normally wake up with my pillow squashed up against my headboard, with the pillowcase half hanging off, but that hasn't happened at all with these.

What I really love about them though, aside from them feeling really soft and supportive from a sleep perspective, is that they look great on the bed. They have a really generous amount of filling which ensures the pillow cases are really adequately filled so you get that really sumptuous look which you usually just see on styled shoots.

The pillows start at £33.99 and can be found at House of Fraser.

H x

Sealy provided me with these pillows to review, but as ever, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Home picks for Autumn

I am writing this as rain batters at the window and this week's heatwave seems to have finally dissipated. For that reason I think it's probably time to start thinking about Autumn and getting your home ready with some cosy accessories and warm colours.

As you know, I normally choose soft pastel colours and muted schemes, but that was before I spotted a burnt orange, velvet chaise lounge as part of Habitat's new collection. I am so in love with it. Wouldn't it just be perfect at the end of my bed!? That's what I am trying to convince Peter of anyway...

So here here are a few picks for an Autumnal scheme I am dreaming of right now... warm lighting, rich colours and gold accents. Mmm

Clockwise from top right...

Neon 'love' light - Rocket St George, £275
Gold frame - Desenio, £17.50
Gold picture bulldog clip - Desenio, £1.49
Native American scented candle - Holly's House, £39.50
Isabel velvet sofa (AKA the DREAM) - Habitat, £995
Mila chandelier - Marks and Spencer, £299

H x

Look of the week: Accents of Blush

As you know, blush pinks are having a moment in interiors right now and I have to say it is a look that I absolutely love. I do think it’s a hard colour to get right – anything too sugary and you won’t get that Scandinavian, directional look but something more like my bedroom circa 1996.

What you want (or at least what I think you want if you are pursuing the pink en vogue right now) is a pink which sits somewhere between salmon and beige. Although that description probably doesn’t sell it to its best advantage, the colour is somewhat of a neutral and yet, treated properly, can look so glorious.

This lifestyle shot from Camerich, a gorgeous furniture retailer, sums it up perfectly. The pared back, minimalist furniture, black accents and striking wall art are totally brought to life by the pink accents. That chair might literally be the perfect pink colour. Scroll down for some items on the high street to help create this look at home…

  1. Faux potted money plant, £95 – Cox and Cox
  2. The ‘Jane’ coffee table from Camerich, £823
  3. Cactus art prints from from £9.99
  4. The ‘Noble’ armchair from Camerich, £730
  5. The ‘Pebble’ from Camerich, £423
  6. Standing lamp in grey from John Lewis, £180 

There is currently 10% off at Camerich too so if you love this pink chair as much as I do then perhaps a little treat to yourself is in order? It ends on the 18th September so you still have time to talk yourself into it ;-)

What do you think? Have you started to introduce a touch of Pink to your home? Check out my Pink Pinterest board from some amazing interiors too

H x


This post was done in collaboration with Camerich but as always, all views and opinions are very much my own.

My current skin care routine

One thing that I think all women (and some men) are interested in is what is lurking in people's bathroom cabinets and what they choose to use on their skin. Skin care is one of those things that I do end up spending quite a bit of money on. My skin is temperamental to say the least so I am always switching up products and trying new things so I thought I would share what I am using right now in case you are looking for a new solution.

Before I start, the reason I started straying from my usual routine recently was because I was having awful breakouts. Not the lovely squeezable kind, but the deep, red, sore, under-the-skin kind which make you feel miserable and they hurt. And there is nothing you can do about it. They were all on my chin so I was told that it is probably hormonal but it was all-month round. Anyway, after doing LOTS of research and using some rather questionable 'drawing out' methods, I read that dairy products might be to blame. I hate jumping on the gluten, dairy, whatever free trend but I was at the end of my tether so tried it. And quite simply, it totally worked. I genuinely haven't had a spot come up since. I have to admit, I haven't been totally dairy free (I love cheese, people) but I don't have any milk or cream and it has really worked for me. I'm sure it won't help everyone out there but I wanted to share it as an option in case you are struggling with hormonal spots, as I was.

Aside from that, I seem to have super oily skin at the moment across my t-zone. I guess its from the weather and getting the tube everyday, not to mention the pollution. So a lot of the products I have been using are for combination or oily skin. Come winter, I will most likely have to switch up again and start using products for dry skin so stay tuned come December!

SO here you have it: what I am using right now...

From left to right (front to back):

1. La Roche Posay, Effaclar cleansing gel for oily skin - £11 at Boots (currently on sale!)

This is quite new for me. It feels incredibly fresh, especially if you are feeling greasy from a long day at work/commute. There isn't much of a smell and it lathers up really well. It's not great at removing make-up so I would do that first and then blitz this in the shower. I use it morning and night at the moment and I definitely feel like oil levels are being kept in check more than they were

2. The Body Shop's Seaweed Toner (again for oily skin), £7 here

I am not sure that this is helping in my battle against oil if I am totally honest. But it does smell amazing and really leaves you feeling fresh and clean so I love this part of my routine because of that

3. Aesop's Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Masque, £30 here

I love to use this when I want to feel like I really need a good scrub into my pores. I just use it once a week and it leaves the skin feeling so soft and nourished. I bit of an indulgence but it lasts forever

4. Bioderma's Sebium Pore Refining, £15 at Boots

This has been a great find (thanks to Lisa Eldridge for the recommendation!). It is a soft cream which you apply to your t-zone and it works to refine the pores and reduce oiliness. I have to say it really does make a difference which you notice as soon as you apply it. I put it on after cleansing at night and also underneath my make-up. Can't recommend enough!

5. Paula's Choice RESIST Multi-correction treatment, £34 here

This is something I have been using for a while and I really like it. It does lots of things, but for me I use it to reduce spots and also to help treat the scars which old spots have left behind. It does make the skin vulnerable to UV rays so I only use it at night and you should follow up with a sun care product or make-up featuring an SPF the next day to protect your skin

6. Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream, £70 at John Lewis

This is a really thick cream so I think it will be better for me as my skin starts to dry out during the winter months. For now, I have been using it on my cheeks and neck and it is lovely to use. The smell is subtle but really pleasant and it has a very luxurious texture. The packaging, as with all Charlotte Tilbury products is gorgeous, and it acts as a great primer under make-up as well as a moisturiser

So that's the current skin situ here at Blomma HQ. Would love any recommendations you guys have, especially when it comes to battling oily skin as the temperatures are set to soar this week

H x

Latest Obsession... Pooky

One of the most important parts of any interior scheme is the lighting. I am quite obsessive about it to the point that I never have the main light on in any room. ever. Some people come round and think its weird (it took Peter some time to understand) but so often it's really harsh and doesn't feel relaxing and cosy. Yes, you can go for dimmer light switches, but again they just don't quite do it for me. I am all about the following...

1. Task lighting

This is great in bathrooms, kitchens and if you are reading in bed or in the living room. For me, each of these things can be covered off by either wall lights (above a mirror or next to the bed) or perfectly positioned drop or pendant lighting (above a worktop in the kitchen).

2. Ambient lighting

This is what will give you that lovely glow in a room which is cosy, warm and soothing. This is covered off by low level table lamps and hidden lighting, in kitchen cabinets for example.

Honestly, if I were brave enough, I would consider ditching the main light in at least my bedroom, lounge and dining room without question but some people think that's kinda crazy.

So essentially lighting, particularly wall and table lamps, is so important to me and yet it is really quite an expensive thing to purchase and the choice out there can be pretty limited. The Tom Dixon floor lamps are gorgeous but not everyone has upwards of £1000 to spend on one. Likewise with many other lighting fixtures available on the high-street right now (H&M Home, you NEED to get into lighting please). And also why are lamp shades always so boring looking? And why do quirky lamp bases always drive such a high price? These are the sorts of questions which of course keep me up at night. Therefore I was thrilled to discover Pooky, an independent lighting specialist which not only offers a huge range of perfect lamp shades, bases and pendants but is also totally affordable.

Here are some of my tops picks which I will be adding to my shopping list...

I LOVE This colour. It's called Antique Rose and is made in beautiful silk dupion. I will be investing in the medium straight empire version for my living room

Finally a lamp shade with a bit of character - this is the Empire in Black

I love this for a desk or a bedside lamp. Its the Goldie

This lamp base is AMAZING. I want it baaad. Christmas is pretty close right?? It's the Palmyra

The Stanley would look great over an industrial mirror in a bathroom - the forest green colour would be beautiful complimented by some patterned tiles

Just perfect.

H x

Wednesday Wishlist

Some things around the high-street which have got my debit card twitching this week...

  1. Brass, black and grey chandelier, £99 from
  2. Silhouette vase, £9.50 from Marks and Spencer
  3. Herman lounge chair, £485 from Ferm living
  4. Cashmere throw, £209 at Urbanara
  5. Marble cheese knife set, just because! It's Christmas soon right!? £25 at House of Fraser
  6. NEOM candle currently being sold half price at TK Maxx for just £14.99
H x

Look of the Week: Styling a teal sofa

Today’s Look of the Week is inspired by a new retailer I have just discovered which makes me want to buy about 10 new sofas and armchairs (ahem, not exactly practical in a pokey London terrace). They are The Lounge Company and create lovely pieces in a ridiculous selection of fabrics, colours shapes and sizes. Basically, if like me, you have a very clear idea of what you want in a sofa but haven’t found it yet, chances are these guys have something for you. Each of the 24 piece range is handmade in Britain so you know the quality is right up there.

As you know, I have been a slight colourphobe in the past (I blame those monochrome Scandinavian schemes which dominate my Pinterest feed) but I have been trying really hard to branch out. The Summer helps and my visit to Mexico recently completely inspired me (more about that here) so I am trying to inject some more colour at home and in my wardrobe (we’ll ignore the fact I’m wearing black and grey as I type).

Therefore, this week’s Look is all about adding a pop of colour at home. As much as I love my grey sofas, I do occasionally wish I had gone for a bright colour to add a bit of drama to the room. I had thought that choosing a coloured sofa would lock me into a scheme which wouldn’t be easily changed (sofas are an investment after all and last years). But the jewel coloured options out there are fresh and modern whilst also kinda traditional, and the fun really stars when you experiment with accent colours. Accent colours are where it is at and mean that you can switch up your scheme easily and relatively cheaply whilst your beautiful sofa sits proud. I hate wanky design terms but maybe jewel-coloured sofas could actually be a ‘new-neutral’.

This Poppy sofa is one of my favourites from The Lounge Company’s collection comes in the most amazing teal colour as shown here. The pink and lime accents work perfectly but here are a few of styling options which I had a play around with which could also work…

Clockwise from top right...

Scheme 1:

Scheme 2:
Throw – Ferm Living
Drinks cabinet – Swoon Editions
Lighting – Etsy
Cushion – Orla Keily

Scheme 3:
Sheepskin – Ikea
Lamp – Holly’s House
Brass magazine rack – John Lewis
Cushions – H&M Home

Scheme 4:
Lamp – Ikea
Rug – Ikea
Wallpaper – House of Hackney
Cushion – H&M Home
Yucca – Homebase
Mirrors – La Redoute 

What do you think? Any favourites? I love playing around with moodboards like this, especially ahead of a big purchase like a sofa. At The Lounge Company’s website there are loads of interactive tools to help you make a decision and there are also 21 stores across the country – it’s always good to have a jump and lounge moment on a sofa in real life if you can, but then you can buy online easily and with no fuss. Best of both worlds!


This post was done in collaboration with The Lounge Company but as always, all views and opinions are my own.

Muji's new Covent Garden store

I am a HUGE fan of Muji - the nifty storage solutions, simple Japanese design and accessories you didn't even realise you needed in your life (ceramic toothbrush stand anyone?!) are so so tempting. Today they re-launched their original London store in Covent Garden. The new layout is gorgeous and they seem to have so many new products to explore.
To celebrate the launch, they are offering 25% off certain ranges for 25 days so if you can head down to Covent Garden, hop to it. I love the white plastic dispensers which I put all my shampoo, shower gel and face wash in so  that the shower isn't cluttered with lots of different packaging and colours (pretty anal right!?). The scented candles are all natural and smell wonderful, not to mention their range of clean, slick kitchen accessories including beautifully tactile wooden bowls, white crockery and muslin dishcloths. Jersey bed linen, classic natural stationery and cotton pyjamas are also high on my wish list.

Here are some snaps from the new store - get down there pronto

H x

Ceramic toothbrush stands and holders - who doesn't need one of these?!
Beautiful home storage solutions and accessories
25% off lots in the range

Pyjamas and cotton vests and pants available in beautiful tonal colours

SO MANY solutions for toiletries and travelling

Lovely acacia wood accessories for your home and cute table fans for the heat wave 

A new range of skin care and home cleaning products which all smell divine

Love these for organising my bathroom cupboards and keeping all of my make-up ship shape
What are you waiting for y'all.