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Look of the week: Accents of Blush

As you know, blush pinks are having a moment in interiors right now and I have to say it is a look that I absolutely love. I do think it’s a hard colour to get right – anything too sugary and you won’t get that Scandinavian, directional look but something more like my bedroom circa 1996.

What you want (or at least what I think you want if you are pursuing the pink en vogue right now) is a pink which sits somewhere between salmon and beige. Although that description probably doesn’t sell it to its best advantage, the colour is somewhat of a neutral and yet, treated properly, can look so glorious.

This lifestyle shot from Camerich, a gorgeous furniture retailer, sums it up perfectly. The pared back, minimalist furniture, black accents and striking wall art are totally brought to life by the pink accents. That chair might literally be the perfect pink colour. Scroll down for some items on the high street to help create this look at home…

  1. Faux potted money plant, £95 – Cox and Cox
  2. The ‘Jane’ coffee table from Camerich, £823
  3. Cactus art prints from from £9.99
  4. The ‘Noble’ armchair from Camerich, £730
  5. The ‘Pebble’ from Camerich, £423
  6. Standing lamp in grey from John Lewis, £180 

There is currently 10% off at Camerich too so if you love this pink chair as much as I do then perhaps a little treat to yourself is in order? It ends on the 18th September so you still have time to talk yourself into it ;-)

What do you think? Have you started to introduce a touch of Pink to your home? Check out my Pink Pinterest board from some amazing interiors too

H x


This post was done in collaboration with Camerich but as always, all views and opinions are very much my own.

Hero Product 3rd November

I am a huge fan of the wishbone chair by Hans Wegner and have many a Pinterest board dedicated to dining rooms with them tucked under elaborate marble tables. However, at around £600 a pop they are at the steep end of the budget, particularly when you need six to seat your family.

Therefore I was thrilled, no, elated to discover a great quality replica version for the much more agreeable price of £89.99. Made from solid beech wood, this little gem is the perfect option if you want to achieve the look, without the price tag.

Available from if you are tempted. They also have a range of replica Eames chairs for £35.99. That's right. LESS THAN £40 EACH.

You. Are. Welcome.


For your little prince or princess

A huge congratulations to Kate and Wills for having the most gorgeous little baby girl yesterday. I wouldn't say I was a massive royalist but there is something about it that's really special. Although perhaps its just special when any baby is born and because they are our royal family she feels a little part of us too so we want to share the joy.

It does make me wonder what fabulous nursery the little princess went home to yesterday afternoon - have they gone pink or kept things more neutral? Will everything be brand new, or will it be filled with incredible heirlooms passed down in history? I don't suppose we'll ever know but I have had a little think about furniture for kids and babies and what to consider when you start investing so have a little read on if you are expecting a little prince or princess soon too.

You can also find some more nursery inspiration here.

1. Buy what you need, make it what you want

Having a baby is expensive so have a look for things that you can afford but which you could personalise and turn into exactly what you want. For example, old pine chest of drawers picked up cheaply in junk and antique shops will look gorgeous in a nursery or kids bedroom with a lick of chalky eggshell paint. Same goes for untreated wood finishes which more and more companies are doing now.

The Tarva range at Ikea is perfect for solid wood furniture you can make your own and its great value
2. Storage storage storage

As kids get bigger, so does their stuff and their need for places to put it. Therefore storage is absolutely key in any bedroom and needs to be considered from the get go. Storage boxes, shelving and extra space under beds and in seating is going to be key when planning any room. Homebase have a great selection of furniture with clever storage inbuilt which is worth exploring.

I just love these felt storage baskets, just £3.99 for 2 from Homebase

3. Furniture which will grown with them

Think about the future when you buy anything. Some things won't be useful down the line such as the cot, but pretty much everything else will. Would a bed with a built-in sofa or study area underneath work best for the space you have or will storage need to be factored in? Also think about the style, going for classic shapes and materials so it is less likely to date. I always prefer hardwood with a lick of paint which can be transformed to fit the room its in.

This bed isn't too high so its great for younger kids but also allows for storage space underneath. The painted grey looks great too, but if you ever fancy a change its easy to do

4. Avoid themes

Kids rooms should be fun and playful but for me, I would always avoid going to heavy on a theme. You will end up getting tired of it really quickly and when you do change it, it will be expensive,  having to replace bed sheets, rugs, accessories, furniture etc. The room should reflect your style and the style of your home, and as the children get older they can start to add their own personality and character to it. Buy bright colours but in grown up, fun patterns which you love but won't date too quickly and they won't grow out of. Walk away from the racing car shaped bed now...

This feels so youthful and fun whilst still grown up and not at all gimmicky
5. Be safe

As with any nursery or child's bedroom, you need to be careful when selecting any furniture to ensure it is safe to be around for little ones. No sharp corners, small pieces which are easily pulled off and precariously positioned objects which could easily fall from a height. Most kids furniture will already have this covered, but if you are renovating old pieces for the room just keep it in mind.

Hope that's useful. Do you have any other tips which would help those starting out with decorating a little one's room?

H x


Wednesday Weakness: Drinks Trollies and 70s Style

Few people will have been able to avoid the retro trend sneaking its way through into popular culture this Spring. The launch of the final season of Mad Men, along with flares and platforms seen on the high-street have brought 70s style back into fashion.

It got me thinking about 70s homeware style, and to be honest the browns, yellows and dark furniture aren't really something I can get behind in a huge way. It looks so fabulous in some homes, but my love of white and lime washed wood prevent me from getting too excited.

However there is one aspect of retro design that I really can get behind, although I must admit they are a little more 50s/60s... the rather wonderful drinks trolley.

As I get older I am really finding myself getting into the drinking in a big way. Not in the jager bomb way, but in the homemade cocktail, lovely, unusual spirits way. Therefore the idea of having a designated drinks trolley is extremely exciting and my latest must-have for my home. I have had a scour around the highstreet and here are some of my favourites. I will be ordering the Swoon Editions version immediately!

  1. Swoon Editions, £199
  2. Ikea, £50
  3. Heal's, £385
  4. Oliver Bonus, £195
  5., £129 (also available in blue and wood)
If you want to stay truly authentic, there is a great selection of vintage trollies on Etsy too.

In the spirit of things, I have picked a few inspiring rooms which I found on Pinterest which give a nod to the 70s design aesthetic and not a brown sofa in sight...

The hanging wicker chair - pure 70s retro but still 100% desirable today

70s style furniture still feels modern, especially pared with fresh pastels

The peacock chair - a 70s classic

Although this could be part oft he Mad Men set this season, the fresh tiles and light flooring keep this looking totally up to date

What do you think? Are you a fan of 70s home style?


Swoon for Michelle Mason and Claire Gaudion

Happy Monday all. I don't know about you, but today really feels like the beginning of Spring. The sun is shining, there are blue skies and now the clocks have gone forward, I might actually see some daylight both sides of my commute. To celebrate, I wanted to share two gorgeous new pieces of furniture I am drooling over from a new range of designer collaborations from Swoon Editions.

Designer and creator of bold, iconic prints, Michelle Mason has teamed up with the brand to re-imagine the brand's Benny Ottoman in a bold blue textile which would be perfect in any lounge, and will be available from 13th April.

Textile designer Claire Gaudion's incredibly eye catching remodel of Swoon's Carnaby chair is one of my absolute favourite pieces from the whole Swoon range. The colours and geometric pattern perfectly compliment the mid-century design of the chair perfectly. I might just be first in line to but this treasure when it launches on 20th April.

More collaborations are due to launch in the coming months and by the looks of things, it is certainly going to be a collection to watch out for.

What do you think/


Swoon Editions: Soho Pop-up

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to have a snoop around Swoon Editions' first pop-up shop in Soho. I have been a big fan of the online retailer for a while now, often browsing the site at lunchtime planning a fantasy new scheme for my lounge. However, seeing the products first hand, in the flesh, really brought home the quality and artisan nature of them which I have to say was very impressive.

The collection seems to have something to offer everyone, from the shabby chic French-styled pieces to the Scandinavian inspired chevron rugs and mid-century inspired side tables. Particular favourites of mine include the Karla armchair, the Joey bar stool and the Shimla quilt (in fact I may have to put an order in right now for that one!).

The soft furnishings or 'Accents' as they are called on the site are gorgeous - a real highlight for me

The quality really stands out and this sofa, retails at just £549 which is incredibly good value

The showroom featured beautiful postcards of the entire range

Each product has an ethical background with Swoon working directly with artisans from various parts of Asia

Love the boudoir vibe of this chair - perfect for a bedroom and costs just £299
If you are looking for a new sofa, armchair, desk or rug I would really recommend checking them out. Such great value for the high quality you get, and also so assuring to know exactly where the products in your home come from. There aren't that many retailers out there who can offer great value whilst remaining true to their values so big love from me to Swoon.


Fabulous Fabrics

This morning I spotted this gorgeous room set on Elle Denmark. As you know I am a big fan of reupholstering old chairs, stools, Victorian commodes (?!) etc but I am really guilty of sticking to quite safe, neutral fabrics. I love a pattern but always keep to greys, blues, whites. This sofa has really got me thinking and I am desperate to get down to my local junk shop and try something a bit more colourful.

Below is a round up of some amazing fabrics I am tempted by for my next upcycling project... which do you think I should go for?


Its a bit predictable but Liberty consistently make the most incredible prints. Here are some of my favourites which have just hit the legendary shop this season. Click here to view the whole collection.


A great variety of prints from modern florals to kitsch plane prints. The site is currently under maintenance but visit Wallpaper Direct for the full range.


Most famous in recent season for the Scion Fox print but there is a lot more to this brand. A distinct ethnic vibe to the current prints which are available this season. Try Fashion Interiors if you are looking to purchase.


Another traditional brand which perfectly mixes old school florals with modern twists and unexpected colour ways. Wallpaper Direct is the best place for a nosy at this quintessentially British prints.

What do you think? Any particular favourites? Hx

Retailer Review: Cox & Cox

I am always on the look out for new retailers and I have stumbled across a real gem in Cox and Cox. They are a company I found on Twitter a few weeks ago and I have been coveting their stock ever since.

They are solely online and offer everything from lighting to furniture to beautiful kitchen and dinningware. The aesthetic is contempory but warm with a strong focus on natural, raw materials (which I love) including untreated wood, linens and wools. Below is my edit of all of the products I have added to my, already incredibly extensive, 'want' list...

Clockwise from top left...

  1. Bamboo lightshades, from £75
  2. Vintage metal trolley, £160
  3. Gold scissors, £8.75
  4. Tilda wall lamp, £56.25
  5. Velvet & linen cusion covers, £17.50
  6. Low knitted stool, £55 (I REALLY want this - what do you think? Should I??)
  7. Bamboo salad servers, £20
  8. Round vase, £9.38

What do you think? Anything you just HAVE to have? x