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Friday, 9 October 2015

Hero Product 9th October

Today's hero product is the most gorgeous washed linen throw from Holly's House, which is quickly becoming one of my favourite homeware retailers.

At £175 it is something I might justify as an 'investment piece' because the quality of the fabric, and timelessness of the design mean that it will never go out of style, The frayed edges and soft blush pink would be perfect lounging at the end of the bed in any Scandi- luxe bedroom.

If you missed the latest hero products you find take a look here and here.

Have great weekends everyone!


Monday, 5 October 2015

Getting cosy for Autmn

Today felt like the first day of Autumn. The dreary sky, the chill in the air first thing in the morning and my sudden craving for all things carb-y and warming mean it's officially landed. So today here are my top picks for transitioning your home into Autumn mode as the dark nights and short days draw closer...


  1. There is no better way to get cosy than with a sheepskin. This double hide from John Lewis is 100% on my wish list. I intend to throw it over the end of my bed for a super lux touch which also keeps your toes warm
  2. Darker evenings mean its time to get your candle game on. This gold candle holder from Oliver Bonas would look lovely on the mantelpiece, dining table or next to you in the bath
  3. Cable knit socks are just the perfect finishing touch to your favourite lounge wear. These from Zara are perfection
  4. I am a bit obsessed with candles, can you tell? This scented trio from Betty Jackson at Debenhams not only smells divine, but the ceramic pots will be perfect tea light holders once the original wax has burnt away. They are also in the sale at the moment - what's not to love?
  5. A pair of slippers is an essential home item if you ask me - I tear myself through at least three pairs a year. These Moroccan leather versions from Bohemia Design are perfect right now; not too thick so you are going to get too warm, but cosy enough to take you through to winter
  6. A touch of texture exudes cosiness, and this woollen stool would be the perfect addition to any bedroom or lounge. It's from Zara so the price is most agreeable too at £49.99
  7. This rug from West Elm is the stuff of dreams. Made in India using 100% wool - it's a must have if you are trying to add a touch of artisanal bohemia to your home (and frankly who isn't)
  8. Finally, Autumn means it's time to whip up some hearty, wholesome one-pot suppers. From slow cooked casseroles, curries and soups your best friend will be this cast iron pot from House of Fraser. Its half price in the sale at the moment too
So there you have it. What pieces will you be adding to up the cosy ante?

H x

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

William Morris X House of Hackney

Some of you may remember reading about a wallpaper discovery I made a few weeks ago when striping out our lounge. If not you can read about it here. It got me thinking about wallpaper and how I can use it in our home, especially as we live in the same area that William Morris, socialist, artist and visionary, was from.

It seemed timely then, that one of my other favourite designers, House of Hackney, would collaborate with the William Morris Foundation to reinvent some of his most popular prints from the archive. A collection which I am totally in love with. But before I share my favourites with you here are some snaps I took from William Morris' home and gardens this weekend whilst enjoying the last of the summer. I can't urge you to visit more - you can truly understand his inspiration for many of his designs and the cafĂ© does a mean ginger and pear chocolate cake.

The William Morris gallery in Walthamstow, London - where the artist grew up

The gardens are full of colour and wild arrangements
You can see the influence of structural flowers such as these in Morris' design

Just love how romantic these buds are
The House of Hackney touch will hopefully bring Morris' designs to a new audience. To me they still as fresh as they ever were, but I do love the colour treatments House of Hackney have brought to them thanks to the development of new printing techniques, not available to Morris. The range offers cushions, wallpaper, lamps and clothing in the new prints and rae reallt quite special. Here are my absolute favourite designs and colourways - although I must say it was hard to whittle them down..

Clockwise from top left...
  • Hyacinth in Dove Grey
  • Blackthorn in Teal
  • Artemis in Amaranth Pink
  • Peacock and Dragon in Green
You see the whole range here

What do you think? Would love to hear what you might do with these statement prints in your home

H x

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Marble Marvel

I feel like I am a little late to the party on this one, but it is something which has become somewhat of an obsession for me in recent weeks so I needed to get something out there about it... marble. White, veiny, clean, cold marble. My god what a stone. But funnily enough, a stone I always thought I hated. I used to think of it as old fashioned, overtly showy and a little Liberace. But now, for some reason it feels fresh and modern again, and luxurious but in the best kind of way.

It must be the love of white interiors and an increased focus on natural materials that has brought it back to life. It is so versatile too. From adding a touch of luxury to a country kitchen (perfect for pastry rolling), or super dramatic against dark greys and copper accents in a more industrial setting - it works in so many ways.

It doesn't have to be expensive either, there are so many mock-marble products on the market and the real deal is totally affordable in carefully chosen accessories. Here are some of my favourites right now...

  1. These  tiles are 100% going in my kitchen if we can stretch the budget. The hexagon shape is super modern and the subtle grey veining adds interest and warmth. A trip to Topps Tiles this weekend to see them in the flesh is definitely on the cards. £5.49 per tile
  2. I love the mix of wood and marble in this pendent lamp from Cox & Cox. Would look perfect almost anywhere in the house. I quite fancy two hanging either side of the kitchen sink... very tempting. £140 each.
  3. Dunelm have an incredible affordable range of bathroom accessories made from real marble. This soap dispenser is £12.99 but other pieces include toilet brushes, soup dishes and marble printed towels.
  4. A marble chopping board looks beautiful propped up against a kitchen wall. This one is £38 from Holly's House
  5. This marble topped coffee table perfectly combines mid-century simplicity and luxury. There are loads around at the moment but this one is from West Elm and is priced at £459
  6. H&M home has a whole host of ceramic products made to look like marble. Not only do they look exactly like the real thing, they are a total steal. This plant pot is £9.99
  7. Finally a cushion with a marble print from Amara, priced at £22. There are loads of fabrics which are carrying the marble trend through to a new dimension from shower curtains to towels and throws. I love the coral edging on this version, keeping it fresh
What do you think? Have you been swept away with this trend or is it one you'll be staying clear of?

H x

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Wish List: This week's top 5

I am obsessed with pulling together little mood boards together at the moment - they are so useful to help you decide what you love, what you thought you liked but then later decided you didn't, and also to see what works together.

With a home referb project on the go, the seeing what works together part is the hardest thing because I love so many styles that settling on one is really tricky, as is establishing an eclectic look without it looking kind of insane. So mood boards are where it is at.

Here are a few of the products I am in love with at the moment and why...

Firstly, a practical solution for my bathroom which they just started tiling today *hurrah* is this gorgeous mirror from Rose & Grey. Finding a simple black mirror for the bathroom has been surprisingly hard. I didn't want chrome, and with copper being so huge at the moment, those were the only two options I could find in the right shape and size. This is perfect though so i'm glad I persevered and didn't settle... I am thinking some mini succulents on the shelf or maybe even some vintage perfume bottles I already have - just to finish it off nicely.

This clock from is a favourite of mine because it is so simple and classic but with a definite Scandi vibe which I think will feel right at home in the Kitchen. The glass jars will too... just one of the amazing new things from the range from Isle Crawford at Ikea. Seriously check it out... lots of natural materials and cork, which it turns out, I love.

Finally, you might have picked up on the fact that I am having a pink velvet moment... mostly inspired this incredible chair from Mia Fleur. I mean what can I say. Everything about it... it has that mid-century glam, almost LA vibe which just oozes fabulousness and I really never use that word. I think the dusty colour and the gold legs also really work well against a monochrome scheme which could easily be tied into a wider living room interior using these complimentary velvet cushions from to pull it together.

What do you think? Have you spotted any amazing products recently that should be on my next wish list?

H x

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Must Visit: God's Own Junkyard

As a fairly new resident of Walthamstow, one of the first things I wanted to do was visit the legendary God's Own Junkyard, an amazing collection of neon signs.

Chris Bracey made signs for film sets, Soho clubs and circus rides becoming a leading expert in the field. Along with making the signs, he also collected abandoned signs and began selling them in his incredible shop, God's Own Junkyard, just a few minutes walk from Walthamstow Village. The shop is more of a museum than a shop and a truly amazing place to explore...

Just next to God's Own is Mother's Ruin gin distillery and Wild Card brewery so you can enjoy a freshly brewed pint or a G&T after gawping at the neon magnificence.

The site when you first walk in is incredible, neon signs filling every crevice from floor to ceiling, wall to wall.

Prices vary, but I have been advised that they range from £200 upwards but most of the ones that caught my eye were around the £650 mark. For an original piece of art though, its fairly reasonable and I am certainly about the start saving... surely a prerequisite for any well respected Walthamstonian to have an original Chris Bracey non? That's my excuse anyway. And for anyone wondering which one I would pick, it's got to be this one, perfectly placed over my drinks trolley...

Can't recommend stopping by enough! Could you see one of these neon signs gracing your home?
H x

Monday, 27 July 2015

Bathroom renovation project

As you know, just before the wedding Peter and I bought a little slice of East London to put our stamp on. When I told people it was a 'do-er up-er' I don't think they realised how much of a project it really was. I mean literally every. single. room needs gutting. It's a lot to take on, particularly for someone who has never done anything like this before but I am so excited to be doing it and also to be documenting our progress on here. I will be using the hashtag #StowRenovation so do follow me on Insta and Twitter to see how we are getting on! I will also be sharing everything on here so do pop by and let me know what you think.

SO after lots of conversations with builders, plumbers, electricians, damp proofers, window fitters and several hours spent online doing as much research as possible, we are just about NEARLY ready to go...

The first job is to move the bathroom upstairs into the third bedroom. We will loose a bedroom by doing this, but as it's just the two of us it seems like the right sacrifice, particularly as it means getting a much bigger kitchen. And bathrooms downstairs are just annoying (we have lived there for 4 weeks now and I don't know how people do it). Eventually we would like to go into the loft so hopefully one day we can recoup the extra bedroom.

For anyone else doing a full house refurb, just a note to say we are going to be living on site for the duration of the project so will keep you updated on how that is going and how we are (not) coping.

Obviously as an interiors blogger, the fun bit for me is planning how things are going to look and having the rare opportunity to literally start from scratch. So to kick things off, here are my plans for our bathroom...

For me, there were three things I jotted down as being absolutely essential in my dream bathroom:

  1. Lots of storage (I hate seeing toiletries everywhere and I have far too many...)
  2. I have always dreamed of a freestanding bath so now is the time!
  3. A good sized, walk in shower

Worried that some of these elements might be a little pricey, I did lots of research and actually seeming luxuries (free standing bath anyone) are surprisingly affordable if you shop around. The vanity unit I have picked out is from Ikea, and is about a quarter of the price of others I have seen on the high street.

I was always going to go for a monochrome scheme, as my love of Scandi interiors pre-sets me that way, but also because it gives a good neutral base for you to play with when it comes to textures and I love wickers, linens and woods, all of which I want to bring into the room to warm it up.

To bring some interest, I really want to bring in a strong floor tile and these from Tons of Tiles, are amazing. Such a good price too - £250 to cover a pretty large space. Adding in some hamman towels, succulents in pretty monochrome pots and the obligatory Aesops handcare and we should be good to go. I would also  love to get some black taps for the sink but am struggling to hunt any I like down - recommendations very welcome!

This weekend was the first time we got our hands dirty and as you can see, the bathroom has a long way to come...

It was used as a study by the previous owner, and had about 300 shelves mounted on the walls (slight exaggeration) and huge desks fixed to each of the walls (not an exaggeration). So striping the room was harder, and more time consuming than we had initially thought. There were also two layers of anaglypta wallpaper to contend with, which was a bit of a nightmare. We donned gloves, face masks and goggles and got to work scraping it off. As you can see, the red paint is the layer underneath all the wallpaper, everything else is just very stubborn so we will be getting a steamer to finish off these last bits before the builders come in.

What do you think? A good plan? Would love to see any schemes you have created at home or in your head. Stay tuned for how it all pans out, and for more mood boards for the rest of the house!

H x

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Greek Love

As mentioned in my last post, I was lucky enough to shoot off to the Greek islands of Santorini and Mykonos straight after the wedding, on our honeymoon.

I absolutely loved both islands; Santorini was beautiful and peaceful, with the most amazing scenery and sunsets, whereas Mykonos was vibrant and buzzy with gorgeous higgledy piggledy streets.   Both however, were packed full of the gorgeous, white washed, blue shuttered buildings that you see in all the postcards, which I found so inspiring and made me want to try and bring a little of Greece home with me.

Rustic painted blue door

One of my favourite things about the town of Mykonos was these wonderful floors - apparently they're a nightmare to maintain as you can imagine

Soft cottons and linens in stripes were seen all over in cushions, throws and seat covers.

The white buildings change as the light does. The soft blues, mauves and pinks probably create my favourite part of the day

My Greek style guide would look a little like this...

  1. White everywhere. When it comes to interiors as well as fashion, you can't get away from it. White washed walls and floors throughout to create a bright and sun filled feeling
  2. Keep it natural. The abundance of shops selling hand crafted products in natural materials is reflected in all the interiors. Cottons, linen, wicker and leather in soft natural colours are a must to create the easy Greek vibe
  3. Keep it local. One of my favourite purchases in Mykonos was some hand crafted olive wood salad servers and pestle and mortar. Wood from the olive tree is not porous so it is perfect for food as bacteria can't penetrate it, This natural wood is found all over the Greek islands, arriving from Crete, where they grow olive trees. It is used for all kinds of kitchenware and the smell (of olive oil) is totally Greek
  4. Simplicity is key. Once you have focused on just using quality, natural materials there is no need to fuss with other artifacts to clutter the home. Keep things simple and pare it back
  5. Paint it. All of the wood you see in Mykonos is painted different shades of blue, almost without exception. This includes windows, shutters, external stairs... the works. It occurs to me that the blue was chosen as a reflection of the bright colour of the sky. Perhaps here that means we should opt for grey instead... but if you want to bring some of Greece home, go blue
Here is a little selection from me on recreating the look at home...

  1. Market basket, £19 - Bohemia Design
  2. White linen bathrobe, £120 - The Linen Works
  3. Pom Pom blanket in cobalt, £140 - Bohemia Design
  4. Olive wood pestle and mortar, £27 - Just Ingredients
  5. Blue Hamman throw/towel, £23 - Loving Home
  6. Cheap RX
  7. Andalucia range of tiles, from £0.53 - Fired Earth
What do you think? Are you inspired by Greek style?

H x

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Look of the Week

Good morning all! To kick off this bright, sunny day I wanted to share a Look of the Week from one of my favorite retailers,

They have just added some delicious new sofas to their range and as always, their styling and photography is spot on when it comes to creating that fresh, bright and breezy look which is the perfect balance of Scandinavian simplicity and English cosy.

Although all of the sofas are delightful in their own way, this Happy sofa is Mermaid velvet is my favourite and the basis of today's treatment. Here are my tips on how to create this whole look on the high street at home...

  1. Small porcelain bowl with gold inside, £4.99 - H&M Home 
  2. Designers Guild Varese Emerald Cushion, £45 - Heal's 
  3. Heart of House Lille Large Glass Droplet Chandelier, £39.99 - Homebase
  4. Checked denim rug, £99.99 - Zara Home
  5. Cheap RX
  6. Linen Twill Slipper, £9.95 - Muji
  7. Conran Aiken side table, £229 - Marks & Spencer
And of course in center stage the gorgeous Happy sofa from

H x 

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Bathroom Inspiration

Morning all! This week I have been busy packing up our lovely little North London flat ready for a move East into our new house, which by all stretches of the imagination is a total dump. Seriously. But its exciting - the chance to restore something back to its former glory is something years of Renovation Man, Grand Designs and Homes Under the Hammer (to name but a few) has made me want to give it a go myself. And I must be somewhat of an expert now after watching all of those shows no?!

But anyway, one of the first things we need is a bathroom so today I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts as to the direction we might go. Its a new area for me, so any advice greatly welcomed!


 Two themes you will notice in these images is storage and a double sink. What these look like yet, I'm not sure. I love this big chest of drawers, transformed into a vanity unit and I have looked EVERYWHERE for something similar but I think the only way to do it is to transform a chest, adding the sign and plumbing into the back. Could be tricky but maybe I can get Peter on board to help on this one...

So back to the double mirrors. I love the set up where you have two sinks, and two mirrors above. Has that luxury hotel bathroom vibe about it, whilst also being super practical. Also, the taps coming out of the walls, rather than out of the sink is another #want of mine. I wonder if they are tricky to install?

Part of me thinks, as I want it to last for years, I should stay really simple, and go all out white in the bathroom and then accessorise with towels, lovely rattan baskets etc like this.  The other part of my wants black walls and gold taps...

I love the dram in this room. The wood panelling, the walk in shower and of course the roll top bath. I think budget will be a deciding factor on this one but I have to squeeze a roll top ion there somehow right??

Have a look at my post from a few months ago about tiles if you are looking for ideas for your bathroom too.

Have you done a bathroom renovation yet? How did it go? Would live to see pictures and hear any tips!

H x

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Inside Rebecca Hadley's Home

Good afternoon all! There is nothing like sneaking into someone fabulous's home and today I wanted to take you through the colourful, eclectic magic that is Rebecca Hadley's home. For those who don't know, Rebecca is the buying force behind Urban Outfitter's homeware department which you know I am a HUGE fan of. Her style totally sums up the fun, creative homeware available at the store and I have pulled out some of my favourites below inspired by her amazing home.

You can read a full interview with her, including some more amazing shots of her home on the Urban Outfitters blog here.

I just love the different coloured fences - it makes her garden look like a magical oasis amongst the brick around it
Love the mix of textures and colour - copper, tartan, pastels and sheepskin all thrown together shouldn't work but it so does

Primary colours against the shocking pink desk looks unexpected and unique

The slick kitchen is brought to life with quirky artwork and those amazing copper stools

Statement artwork and lighting give the space great character

A lesson in creating the perfect picture wall

What do you think? Any ideas you might steel for your home? I am loving the painted stairs, the use of great artwork and touches of copper - definitely things I will be replicating!

Here are my top picks from Urban Outfitter's current homeware range...

  1. Large Shrek Planter, £30
  2. Large Multi-Frame, £50
  3. UO X Dansette Bermuda Standing Record Player UK Plug in Red, £250
  4. Copper Coffee Table, £45
  5. Kilimrag Rug, £350


Sunday, 3 May 2015

For your little prince or princess

A huge congratulations to Kate and Wills for having the most gorgeous little baby girl yesterday. I wouldn't say I was a massive royalist but there is something about it that's really special. Although perhaps its just special when any baby is born and because they are our royal family she feels a little part of us too so we want to share the joy.

It does make me wonder what fabulous nursery the little princess went home to yesterday afternoon - have they gone pink or kept things more neutral? Will everything be brand new, or will it be filled with incredible heirlooms passed down in history? I don't suppose we'll ever know but I have had a little think about furniture for kids and babies and what to consider when you start investing so have a little read on if you are expecting a little prince or princess soon too.

You can also find some more nursery inspiration here.

1. Buy what you need, make it what you want

Having a baby is expensive so have a look for things that you can afford but which you could personalise and turn into exactly what you want. For example, old pine chest of drawers picked up cheaply in junk and antique shops will look gorgeous in a nursery or kids bedroom with a lick of chalky eggshell paint. Same goes for untreated wood finishes which more and more companies are doing now.

The Tarva range at Ikea is perfect for solid wood furniture you can make your own and its great value
2. Storage storage storage

As kids get bigger, so does their stuff and their need for places to put it. Therefore storage is absolutely key in any bedroom and needs to be considered from the get go. Storage boxes, shelving and extra space under beds and in seating is going to be key when planning any room. Homebase have a great selection of furniture with clever storage inbuilt which is worth exploring.

I just love these felt storage baskets, just £3.99 for 2 from Homebase

3. Furniture which will grown with them

Think about the future when you buy anything. Some things won't be useful down the line such as the cot, but pretty much everything else will. Would a bed with a built-in sofa or study area underneath work best for the space you have or will storage need to be factored in? Also think about the style, going for classic shapes and materials so it is less likely to date. I always prefer hardwood with a lick of paint which can be transformed to fit the room its in.

This bed isn't too high so its great for younger kids but also allows for storage space underneath. The painted grey looks great too, but if you ever fancy a change its easy to do

4. Avoid themes

Kids rooms should be fun and playful but for me, I would always avoid going to heavy on a theme. You will end up getting tired of it really quickly and when you do change it, it will be expensive,  having to replace bed sheets, rugs, accessories, furniture etc. The room should reflect your style and the style of your home, and as the children get older they can start to add their own personality and character to it. Buy bright colours but in grown up, fun patterns which you love but won't date too quickly and they won't grow out of. Walk away from the racing car shaped bed now...

This feels so youthful and fun whilst still grown up and not at all gimmicky
5. Be safe

As with any nursery or child's bedroom, you need to be careful when selecting any furniture to ensure it is safe to be around for little ones. No sharp corners, small pieces which are easily pulled off and precariously positioned objects which could easily fall from a height. Most kids furniture will already have this covered, but if you are renovating old pieces for the room just keep it in mind.

Hope that's useful. Do you have any other tips which would help those starting out with decorating a little one's room?

H x


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Wednesday Weakness: Drinks Trollies and 70s Style

Few people will have been able to avoid the retro trend sneaking its way through into popular culture this Spring. The launch of the final season of Mad Men, along with flares and platforms seen on the high-street have brought 70s style back into fashion.

It got me thinking about 70s homeware style, and to be honest the browns, yellows and dark furniture aren't really something I can get behind in a huge way. It looks so fabulous in some homes, but my love of white and lime washed wood prevent me from getting too excited.

However there is one aspect of retro design that I really can get behind, although I must admit they are a little more 50s/60s... the rather wonderful drinks trolley.

As I get older I am really finding myself getting into the drinking in a big way. Not in the jager bomb way, but in the homemade cocktail, lovely, unusual spirits way. Therefore the idea of having a designated drinks trolley is extremely exciting and my latest must-have for my home. I have had a scour around the highstreet and here are some of my favourites. I will be ordering the Swoon Editions version immediately!

  1. Swoon Editions, £199
  2. Ikea, £50
  3. Heal's, £385
  4. Oliver Bonus, £195
  5., £129 (also available in blue and wood)
If you want to stay truly authentic, there is a great selection of vintage trollies on Etsy too.

In the spirit of things, I have picked a few inspiring rooms which I found on Pinterest which give a nod to the 70s design aesthetic and not a brown sofa in sight...

The hanging wicker chair - pure 70s retro but still 100% desirable today

70s style furniture still feels modern, especially pared with fresh pastels

The peacock chair - a 70s classic

Although this could be part oft he Mad Men set this season, the fresh tiles and light flooring keep this looking totally up to date

What do you think? Are you a fan of 70s home style?